Monday, June 15, 2015

tornado warnings

About a month ago we got hit with about 2 months of straight rainy weather
and more than a couple tornado warnings.
Luckily everything seemed to skip over us
or go around our area so we never saw anything really bad..
But there were a couple of times we had them while
Ty was out of town so out of precaution we just hung out in my closet
while the red cells on the radar passed over.
Luckily Lexi just looked at it as,
getting to hang out in mom and dads closet and watch Netflix..
she even would ask to stay in after all the storms would pass
and she even asked to go in and hang out in the closet
when it was just a regular rain and thunder storm.

I still remember the days when I was little at the tornado sirens would go off..
Me, my mom, and my sister would be in our hall way reading the Little Miss books
there would be a crosscut saw that had a painting on it just hanging on the walls of our hallway..
we would talk about how that probably was not the safest thing to be hanging
in case a tornado but for some reason it always stayed hanging there ;)
My dad would either be watching the news on the tv or outside looking at the skies..
we would always be yelling for him to come in and be safe :)

I taught her the tricks with fruit roll-up tongue tattoos...
brought me back to my child hood.

but seriously there are some sweet memories that can happen during those tornado warning,
you realize what matters most and get to spend some quality time in a closet.

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