Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trip to Idaho.. the odd and end stuff

So there are a couple more post that will be coming from our trip to Idaho..
but for now I'll post all the odd and end pictures ;)

A week into June we headed out to Idaho for a 22 hour road trip!
We decided to drive and take Ty's truck since the reason we were technically going to Idaho was for Tysons work trip.. aka fly fishing with a client in Montana..
Anyways, we took advantage and made a trip out of it to see all of
Tysons family and our friends back in our "Idahome"

We stayed with Tyson's grandparents.. (they raised him and are basically my in-laws)
It took us two days of driving to get to Idaho.. and the girls did really well on the way there.
Zoey luckily sleeps really well in the car seat and Tyson noticed she would wake up every 1/2 tank of gas. We would make gas station/food stops and feed her and sometimes get out and go eat just to make it a little easier on them and they seemed to do just fine with that! Lexi took a nap a day.. i think one of the days she skipped a nap but luckily averted any major craziness!

Once we got there we were able to enjoy some time with his family
before he had to leave for Montana.. and went fishing with his grandfather
he was gone for three days so he took the truck
luckily, tys grandma let me borrow her car and I had sweet friends there that kept me occupied!
I am doing this so out of order.. so there are pictures from the end of our trip towards the end of this post.. but it was a fun filled trip and we kept busy enjoying Idaho in the summer!
I am totally ok with visiting for a couple weeks in the summer
but just don't make me move back and do winters again ;)




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  1. awe looks like so much fun, Zoe and Lexi are just so alike:) xxx


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