Monday, August 31, 2015

9 months old and their laundry

We just got to try the new OxiClean™ Laundry Detergent!
Having an 9 month old, we have a lot TINY dirty laundry!

I figured what better way to test it out than on some of her whites!
So I figured to give it the ultimate test, I would just throw it in the wash like it was.
No stain treating spray prior, like I usually do.
Oh and I also don't do laundry every day so these stains have been sitting for a couple of days.
I threw it in our washing machine and just made sure to push the "stain treat" button
and added in our OxiClean™ liquid laundry detergent.

Both of the bottoms came out looking super clean and ready to wear,
but if you notice in the top right picture the top had crusted food left on it,
those spots were still showing after the first wash so I simply kept that one out
and used bleach stick on the spot for when I did the next batch of whites,
and it came out looking super clean!

Can you believe this sweet little white romper has lasted
since Lexi was a baby, 5 years ago! It still looks just as white!
It was and is my favorite baby shower gift I got from one of my best friends,
so I'm glad it has survived over the years!

Note: Please follow manufacturer directions for your garments.
For best results, pretreat stains with laundry detergent, wait 5-10 minutes and then wash.

This post was sponsored by OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about OxiClean™ Laundry, all opinions are my own


  1. I am new to your blog and just wanted to say you have the cutest little family! Your photography is so beautiful! So excited I found your blog, I have a 9 month old too! :)

    1. thank you!! :) so glad you found this little blog, and so fun you have a 9 month old too :)


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