Thursday, August 27, 2015

lexi's first week of kindergarten

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Well we are officially almost finished with the first week of school,
and this morning was rough.. it has slowly started getting a little more tough for Lexi.

She was tired when I woke her up this morning as she was every other morning..
We even bumped up her bed time an hour early before we started back school.
Wondering if we should try for even earlier? It's at 8 right now.

She did really good on Monday,
she was excited and happy and a little anxious of what was to come.

Tuesday was good..

Wednesday was a little more tough in the morning.
But she was good by pick ups.

and this morning (Thursday) she cried more than a couple times.
First it was about me brushing her hair
and then she told me she was scared to go to school while she was eating breakfast
luckily Ty went with us to drop off today (he's a huge comfort to her)
which by the way,
I feel really lucky that his job is flexible enough and that
he has been able to be a part of the drop offs and pick ups this week with me.
I've had some good cries some private and some not so private..
but it sure does help to have him there for comfort.

But this morning, as she was getting out of the car
a little boy (safety patrol) opened her car door for her..
(super sweet of them that they do that)
But, she gets nervous/embarrassed about things like that..
she doesn't like to be put on the spot
and i saw it in her eyes again.. she started to tear up
and my heart just burst!
luckily she wouldn't make eye contact with me
because she was trying to be strong and brave.
But that little girl.. she was nervous this morning
and it was so hard to watch.

why do they have to grow and get so big?
It's so hard letting them learn all of this on there own and not being there to help guide them or make them feel safe or not scared. I know it's good for her and I know it will help her grow stronger but man it is tough!! so it's been a rough morning on me too.

We went through a period of this last year in pre-school and I know it will get better.
But when she is sad, I'm sad..
When she is happy, I'm happy..

We have one more day until the weekend.
Weekends are starting to mean a whole lot more now days!


  1. Aww! What such a sweet little post, my girl is starting Pre K this Fall, and I can totally see where you are coming from as a mommy. It's hard both ways, but it's just the fact on getting use to the routine. After a couple of weeks, everything will be alright! XOXO♥

  2. My daughter is starting kindergarten next fall and I'm already so scared. She's been ready to go since she was 3 and we haven't sent her to any pre-school or anything, so going to all day kinder is going to be a huge deal for our family!
    Thanks for sharing this part of the transition! I'll be honest.... knowing other mommies go through what I know I'll be feeling is very helpful and comforting.

  3. How about if you parked a block away and walked her to the school instead of having them open the door? I used to take the daycare kids (that my daughter went to) to school and one little girl was the same way. So the first month or so I would park and walk them. It seemed to really help. Just a thought.. hope it gets easier for her


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