Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 Months - Zoey

Throughout this last month we have started to see so many little milestones with Zoey!
I figured compiling them into a video would be the best way to document! 
I really have struggled blogging or even writing down Zoey's monthly updates.
I was quite on top of things with the first kid.. Second.. 
Not so much. Hah


  1. Love the video! Your little family is the cutest!

  2. So cute! My son turned 9 months a week ago, so I am excited for him to start to hit similar milestones.

  3. Oh my goodness she's so sweet! & Lexi was so proud when she was standing!!!
    Kids are the best!

  4. Three words: I LOVE IT!!! Such a great memory! I have a 13month old and am affraid I might forget all his milestones in years to come so I also document everything :) I love how he wants to put my shoes on my feet :)


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