Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cinderella Pizza & Movie Night

So as I have mentioned before Kindergarten didn't start out too great.
well it did.. and then it didn't.
It took 4 weeks to be exact.. I had a couple of e-mails from her teacher over the last month
letting me know she was sad in the mornings and asking
if there was anything she could do to help her.. so I just kind of filled her in on her personality
and let her know it's just a big adjustment for her being away from me this much and she went
through a similar phase in pre-school.. so anyways.
Wednesday.. Wednesday, was the day!
She was a brave little girl and got out of the car with no tears!
One of the teachers at her school that was on morning duty became
her little cheerleader rooting her on as she would walk up to the building
happy to see a non-crying little girl!
I seriously think he helped her so much!
and on Thursday he was holding up 2 fingers
(2 days in a row with no tears) cheering her on again!
I totally saw a different attitude and she was telling me
she was excited for school the next day
I'm pretty thankful for her school and the people who work there!!

So to celebrate.. because let's be honest she needed a little somethin' somethin'
We had talked about a family date night for Friday earlier in the week..
We never were able to make it to see Cinderella in the theaters
so we bought stuff to make pizzas and made it a plan!
After all, Friday's mean something now!

So Friday I ran a few errands and happened to come across a Cinderella like dress at Marshalls.
It was PERFECT.. so I made sure to add a couple of other touches to add to the excitement!
Ty went and picked Lexi up from school while I prepped the area,
he told her to go hang up her backpack when they got back home
and a new Cinderella like dress was hanging on the hooks.
She had no idea what to think and just started smiling.
We asked her if she was ready for our Cinderella date night,
and she rushed to put on the dress..
I was a little bit in heaven when she slipped it on because it fit perfectly
and she truly looked like a little princess and she was giddy once she stepped foot into that dress!

p.s. we are totally loving our theater room!!
I'm still going to do a room post for that soon!

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  1. Such an adorable post. And what a good idea for a cozy time :) x


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