Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Making Baby Food // Cucumbers

Now that I have a little more time on my hands,
I finally made a little film showing how I make our baby food!
I don't always do it, but when I have fresh veggies around then it makes things so easy!!
In this video we are using cocktail cucumbers.

Things I Use During Feeding Time:
Magic Bullet (I love ours - I use it whenever I want to puree things)
Nuby SoftFlex™ Infafeeder™ - (Kohls, Kmart, Ross)
or Nuby Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder
Bumbo Seat: Target -- it's a MUST!!
Fisher Price EZ Feed Teethe n' Feed / Strawberry Teether & Tray : Babies R Us
OXO Sippy Cups : Amazon
Summer Infant Bibs: Amazon
Self Feeding First Step Spoon : Num Num on Amazon
IcyBite™ Fruit Teethers - Amazon or Amazon


  1. i think it's only easy when u know what yr babies like. many people worry because their babies don'w want to eat despite tasty food. my friend, her baby likes everything soft and colorful. she uses this thing and it works.

  2. It is really essential to change baby foods according to time and intervals; as our baby needs enough protein and nutrition. Therefore we should bring some changes in their eating habits; according to experts during early days (1 to 4 months) our baby needs mother's milk along with baby milk powder, wheat powder, apple flavor and others. After that we used to follow different other foods while following expert advice. Here in this above article also we should learn some basic ingredients on baby foods and how to prepare it by own. Thanks for such a wonderful article with fruitful tips.
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