Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Family Dinner & Movie Night

This week is a hectic one!
I swear everything lands in clumps..
I have been coaching Lexi's soccer team with a friend
and our last game was on Monday.
LOVED coaching them.. it filled that soccer void
I have been missing since high school!

I was very intimadated coaching little ones because
I haven't played in so long but it went good!
I always worry about meeting the expectations of the parents though.
Hopefully the season went well for them too!
We also have our end of season party on Thursday that I have been preparing for.

We have our trunk or treat tonight...  still need to go grab bags of candy.

I'm room mom and there are about 3 different things going on, just on Friday...
including feeding all of the Kindergarten teachers a themed lunch,
"boo"ing the class while they aren't in the room,
and their first Assembly.

on top of making sure I have Halloween costumes figured out..
oh and Zoey's birthday is next week so I've been in party planning mode for that too!!

My brain is about fried..
but I wanted to make sure we kept this little tradition alive
and so I made it a priority this week
that we would have our family dinner and movie night.
I did a search last week on tv looking for Hotel Transylvania
I was able to find it on FOX so I dvr'ed it so that's what we watched!

After dinner we headed upstairs to watch Hotel Transylvania!
Zoey luckily took her last nap and slept through dinner but was up for the movie.. I was running out of entertainment so I whipped out the licorice.
SHE LOVES licorice...
only downfalls is how messy her hands get.
But, it was pretty cute because she was just eating away but every few seconds
she would look to Lex watching her eat hers ha!


  1. So cute! I love how simple and FUN it turned out!

  2. Looks like it was a lovely evening :) x

  3. So cute! You always have the best holiday dinner/movie nights :)


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