Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kitchen Remodel / Home Tour

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We finally have our kitchen finished!!

Keep in mind we bought a spec home,
so we were not able to pick out or customize anything
other than the carpet in our home.
Every house we seemed to look at needed some major tlc and we never found any home that was perfect just the way we were wanting... we had thought about buying an older home in other areas closer to the city but the prices were about the same as buying our brand new home more out in the country  (which my husband preferred anyway) so it seemed like a no-brainer when things came down to it.
Fix up a brand new home or fix up an older home?! let's do the brand new
I know it seems crazy to re-model something brand new but it has been worth every penny!
So let's take a little tour from the beginning (back in January of this year)...

So I'm in love with this kitchen..
I pictured this bright white kitchen..  didn't love the black cabinets.. but loved the style and quality.
I loved that I would be able to watch t.v. while doing the dishes or cooking..
that it was a open area to hang out in.
I didn't love the all the beige. that was my first complaint.
There was beige walls, ceiling, backsplash, and floor tiles..
and the granite was kind of busy on it's own so nothing flowed design wise.
First things first, PAINT!
I could not wait to ditch the beige!
I wanted white walls and my husband wanted gray..
The husband won on this one, and I'm glad we went
with the gray walls since we were doing white cabinets.

So we had the whole downstairs entry/living area painted gray:
(Tinman by Kwall Paint at Sherwin Williams)
and we did white Ceilings
(snowbound is the color sherman williams)
we also did white upstairs in the main area
along with all of the ceilings in the house..
It is the shade of white that best matched our trim.

After the house painting was done.. we moved on to painting the cabinets white!
It seriously looked like we had ebola in our house for a couple of days
because they had taped off and plastic wrapped the whole kitchen area.
After the cabinets were painted, we did our back-splash.
My mom had pointed out how the side-back-splash they had on there was really weird..
after she had made that comment way back in the beginning stages I could not stop
thinking it looked weird.. so we decided to ditch having back-splash on the sides
and had them re-texture and paint the two side walls. glad we did!

The counter tops were not my all time favorite.. but not something that had to be changed.
So we kept them!
The rest of the downstairs is hardwood..
so we continued out the hardwood to the kitchen and nook area!

 SIDESTORY on lighting -- you'll want to read this one:
I had searched for pendants FOR forever!!
Like I don't know how many picture messages I sent to my sister trying to figure
out what direction to go.. and never fell in love with anything.
I didn't know which hardware to choose.. style, etc..
I had no idea what they would actually look like inside the home up against our stuff
(i'm kind of a buy and return if it doesn't work kind of decorator)
so it made me nervous to splurge on something online in case it just didn't work.
Plus, I had to figure out something that would flow
with our chandelier that is in the kitchen nook area to the side..
so it was kind of stressful.

BUT, lucky for me my HomeGoods stalking habits paid off...
I literally pop in to a couple different location of HomeGoods twice a week
because they always have new stuff coming and going and you know
the good stuff always gets snagged up quick!

so one Saturday I was shopping and came across these two perfect pendants!
AND they were only $39.99 -- amazing find if I do say so myself!
I needed 3.. but i grabbed the two just in case and figured I would try
calling the 6 other locations in the DFW area.. no luck :(
so I figured I would just try and find one online..
no luck...
That next Monday I was out running errands.. made sure to stop in at Home Goods..
because you know.. I might miss a good find.
AND sure enough there were magically TWO more EXACT same kind pendants
(that I had previously bought & couldn't find a third).. It was just waiting for me!!
so that pendant came home with me that day..
and completed my kitchen!


White Cabinets: Snowbound by Sherwin Williams-- it was the closest match to our baseboards
We used that same paint on the walls of our home that we painted white-- (just different finishes)
Gray Wall: Color is Tinman - KWAL Paint by Sherwin Williams

White & Green Plants: Ikea
Wood Plant: Home Goods
Metal Sign: Vintage Market
Cutting Board: Home Goods
Utensil Holder: World Market
Wooden Spoons, Spatula, Etc. : World Market
Pendants: Homegoods
Stools: Target
Kitchen Rug: West Elm
Cabinet Hardware:
Amazon Knobs & Cup

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  1. Gorgeous kitchen! We painted our kitchen white too and it makes all the difference :)

  2. wow everything looks so gorgeous! And those light pendants are perfect!

  3. I love it! I love all white. The space looks so tidy - do you really have two children :) I wish I had such a big space ... Enjoy it!

  4. Can you tell me more about your backsplash (just white subway tile?) and your hardwood (where you got it, what kind and color it is?) thanks-it's all gorgeous!

    1. our hardwood was just what was in our house and we went through Carpet One -- who had already installed the other before we moved in.. They looked up that information on their site to match it so I am not positive on the name.

    2. White subway tile is from Lowe's it is about 3x4 in size and I am not positive on the brand or anything.. I think they just had a couple of different size options so hopefully you will be able to find it!

    3. subway tile *** close to 6x3" sorry!

  5. hi! what color did you use to paint the cabinets?

  6. Just found your blog and love your style! Is your house a Lennar home, by chance? We are in the process of buying a spec house from Lennar and notice some similar finishes :) Love seeing the changes/improvements you've made. Those pendants are to die for! And I love the hardware on your cabinets. Our house will have white cabinets & I want to add hardware!

    1. thank you!! <3 no it isn't a Lennar home though :)

  7. Did you remove your cabinet doors to paint? And did you have to sand/prime, etc.? It's so intimidating!

    1. We had professionals come in and paint -- they kept the doors on


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