Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Orange Beach, AL Part 2

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Thursday us girls hung out at the beach
while my dad & Ty drove over to a car show in Gulf Port, MS "Cruisin the Coast"
They were gone a good portion of the day so by the time they were back
we headed to dinner at Cosmo's.
Which was delicious by the way.. and their crab claws were ahhmazing!

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Lexi thinks she is big!
Always wanting to tote Zoey around on her hip
I make bystanders a little nervous letting her carry Zoey around!

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Friday Ty worked, we hung out at the beach, and then headed to the Shrimp Fest that night!

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Ty working and Lexi watching her morning cartoons on Netflix in her fort.
We had a wrap around balcony.. and I have NO IDEA why I don't have any pictures of it!! :(
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this guy was too funny! I'm pretty sure he earned every tip he got that night!
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After we all got dressed Ty looked at us/me and was like I guess I didn't get the maroon memo.
Haha I literally can't help my self.. gotta match my girls when I have to dress them!
atleast he's in the right color family ;)
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After the Shrimp Fest we hit up some souvenir shops!
 photo DSC_8515.png  photo DSC_8517.png  photo DSC_8525.png  photo DSC_8591.png  photo DSC_8594.png  photo DSC_8599.png  photo DSC_8596.png

 photo DSC_8571.png

We couldn't help ourselves... she thought the shark was hilarious!
 photo DSC_8580.png

Because EVERY childhood memory needs to have
an airbrush t-shirt (from the beach) in it!
 photo DSC_8606.png

Zoey sadly was over pictures and just wanted me to hold her
so this was as good as it gets for the two of them in their shirts!
 photo DSC_86462.png

Our last day, Ty & my dad went golfing while me, my mom, and the girls went to the beach.
After the beach we showered and got ready then headed to the outlets to shop!
The guys met up with us after they were done and
then it was Lulu's for dinner!

I just love restaurants near the beach.
Such good vibes and I LOVE the live music!

 photo DSC_8613.png  photo DSC_8610.png  photo DSC_8617.png  photo DSC_8621.png

had to sneak Lexi out to get a picture with the Lulu's sign since she is my Lulu!
and my camera is acting funny these days AGAIN... apparently they
didn't fix it last month when I sent it in to Nikon.  :(
 photo DSC_8624.png

Sunday we headed back home!
I seriously can't thank Ty enough for driving us 10 hours to spend time
with my parents at the beach for my moms birthday week!
He had to manage working and spending time with the fam
and I think he does a pretty good job at it all!

Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you so much!!
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  1. I love how Lexi loves to tote Zoey around on her hip... Its too dang cute! When I was younger if I had ever had a baby sister I would have been the exact same way.. It looks like you all had a blast while at the beach & even had tons of yummy food too eat hello crab! I loved how you & the girls matched that was too dang adorable..

  2. That looks like so much fun! And that is probably the largest souvenir shop I have ever seen!

  3. How fun! looks like a great vacation. And where is your swimsuit from? It is so cute!


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