Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 2 of Disney World / Magic Kingdom

Since planning Disney World is OVERWHELMING, to say the least.
Especially if you have never been or haven't been since you were 8 (in my case) so we just tried to visit everything besides Fantasyland that day.. because we wanted to make sure and soak up Fantasy Land and have a day to do just that on its own day.  I'm kind of glad we did it that way because we got a feel for the park that first day and the day already felt hectic.. the next time we went to the Magic Kingdom everything seemed to go much more smoothly.

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(i can't get any pictures of zoey these days.. she is too busy)

We met Tinkerbell, The Magic Carpet Ride, Monsters Inc Laugh floor, Pirates of the Carribean, had lunch at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, Stitch's Great Escape (only one Zoey couldn't go on that day), and then we headed back to the hotel to let the girls rest before dinner and caught the first half of Sleeping Beauty (movie of the night under the stars) at our hotel.

 photo DSC_2179.png

 photo DSC_2166.png

Dinner at Ohana's at 9:20pm.. another late night.
We also got to visit the Polynesian Resort (which is where the dinner is at) which also might be our next place we want to stay.. it has the monorail to Magic Kingdom that would have been so much easier with kids than getting on a bus like our resort had.
Since our reservations weren't until 9:20 we were able to watch the 9 o'clock fireworks from outside the restaurant windows while we waited to get seated, they also had a little light show on the water that goes by while the Wishes fireworks are going.
But back to the food.. it was AMAZING!! so delicious and they give you a ton of food and it's fast.. it's kind of like a Texas De Brazil restaurant but for Hawaiian Style food. Sadly we didn't see Stitch (who is suppose to be there).. Lexi loves Lilo & Stitch so she was looking forward to that, but it might have been because we had such a late reservation but they did do a fun little race activity for all of the kids with brooms and coconuts!

 photo DSC_2187.jpg
 photo DSC_2184.jpg
(It was hard to keep Zoey preoccupied and content during dinners)
After dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom since it was open late that night and we were able to meet up with some friends that were in town visiting too! It was late and the kids were tired so we didn't last too long!
 photo DSC_2188.jpg
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