Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 1 of Disney World / Epcot

Our flight left Dallas around 2 and we got into Orlando around 5.
Shortly after we checked in at the gates and sent our luggage through we were told by the people at check in that we would not be able to take our stroller through because it weighed too much..
Seriously American Airlines?!
Who doesn't let parents with kids take their stroller through.
I was even willing to send off one of the seats but she weighed our City Select Stroller with just one seat and it was over the weight limit in their guidelines.. now I have flown for the past couple of years with this same exact stroller with just one seat and no one has ever stopped me nor even mentioned a weight limit.
LUCKILY this happened when we didn't have a layover and I had Tyson with me..
or I might have had a break down right there in the middle of the airport!
When we got into the airport we saw plenty of parents walking around with bigger strollers like ours but not with double seats.. so I think that might have been what made them stick their foot down?!
But I should mention that on our way home since we checked in at our hotel and had the luggage sent from the resort.. we had no problem taking our double stroller through on our way back home to Dallas.
 photo DSC_1712.png
 photo DSC_1720.png
as tyson was packing up the car and we were getting in Lexi goes "be careful with my bag I packed breakable Jesus" haha we just laughed and my heart was pretty full I have to admit. It's her little figurine of Christ that Tyson got for her a while back.. it normally is on her night stand but what was even funnier is that she snuck in a couple more things and we discovered them at the airport!
Love this girl!
 photo DSC_1744.png
 photo DSC_1757.png
 photo DSC_1766.png
and the "keep it real" behind the scenes...
kids are kind of chaotic. photo DSC_1778.png
After getting luggage and getting on buses we got to our hotel around 6-6:30.
We checked into our hotel (we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside) and then we headed off to Epcot to catch our first 8:25pm dinner reservation at Akershus to dine with princesses! When Tyson booked our Disney Trip he went through a Disney agent (which is a free service) and had the dining plan included with our trip. When he first booked the trip it was about a month away and there was hardly anything available.. not to mention we had no clue what to even book. They recommended 160 day out to make reservations but that wasn't an option for us.. luckily we kept looking at our disney app and we got majority of the places we were wanting. It's true what they say.. just keep checking back and be flexible with your times. We had a lot of late dinners.. and a cranky 1 year old.
We just sucked it up and tried to make the best of it!
 photo DSC_1931.jpg
 photo DSC_1858.png
 photo DSC_1850.png

By dining with the princesses we were able to eliminate a lot of the meet & greets to get a picture and autograph.. Since seeing princesses & Elsa & Anna were on the top of Lexi's list this is what we mainly focused on when we planned out our days!

 photo disneyprincesses.jpg
During dinner they had a princess parade through the restaurant
and Lexi was in heaven when Cinderella grabbed her hand to walk with her!
Talk about a good way to start out our Disney World trip!
 photo DSC_1825.jpg
 photo DSC_1829.jpg
 photo DSC_1830.jpg
After dinner we walked around Epcot (after park hours so it was almost empty)
so we could see all the different countries.  photo DSC_1862.png
 photo DSC_1886.png
 photo DSC_1870.png
 photo DSC_1875.png
 photo DSC_1893.png
 photo DSC_1885.png
 photo DSC_1892.png
 photo DSC_1895.png
 photo DSC_1899.png
 photo DSC_1902.png
 photo DSC_1903.png
 photo DSC_1906.png
 photo DSC_1911.png
 photo DSC_1913.png
 photo DSC_1923.png
 photo DSC_1925.png 
We heard Epcot was more of an adult park so we didn't venture back to this park during our stay.
Maybe next time!
 photo DSC_1937.png

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  1. Wow, i really enjoyed these posts, I live in Ireland and not a great flier, but would some day love to bring my little boy there, looks so amazing and magical:) xx


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