Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Netflix Picks for November

Lexi's Netflix Picks:
One that she and I were both excited to see pop up on Netflix  is:
Walt Disney's Animation Studio Short Films..
They have a Frozen one at the very end that she loves to watch!

Santa Paws is back..
yep.. she found it again this year and its been an obsession every year.
Christmas is on Netflix in full force!!
Care Bears..it's still funny to me that she really like this one 
Beethoven's Christmas
Strawberry Shortcake
Masha and the Bear

Curious George
101 Dalmations

I was super excited to see they added new episodes for Young & Hungrythat's what I'll be picking back up on! :)

Most comfy Blanket: Saranoni


  1. I keep meaning to sit and watch the Disney Short Films!!! I must do this soon!!

  2. My boys have been watching the Disney shorts too. They are great!


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