Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Halloween & Unicorns

We had Trunk or Treat, Costumes at School on Friday, and Halloween Night..
and I'm pretty sure we put a different take each time with Lexi's costume!
I snagged these pictures before we headed to our Trunk or Treat.. we were in a rush..
like we always are these days!

For school they couldn't wear mask.. so I ended up making a horn and attached it to her headband she had on in this picture and let her wear one of her long purple tulle skirt with sandals..
obviously white furry house shoes and cuffs
were not going to survive for Halloween if I sent her to school in it!

Also Friday at school I got to help put together lunch for the Kinder teachers,
I was able to catch some of their first assmebly and then watch their costume parade in the hallways!
After that I had to run some errands to finish up me and Tysons costumes for Saturday (Halloween)

Saturday night our neighborhood was having a potluck and costume contest.
They had an adult contest and kid contest..
somehow Ty and Lexi managed to win in both categories..
I'm pretty sure Lexi's homemade unicorn horn out of her hair sealed the deal
because there were some really good costumes for the kids and there was about 30 kids or so!

Only video I remembered to capture from the night..
thats what I get for being in a hurry and leaving my cell phone at home!

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