Friday, November 20, 2015

Surprising Lexi with Disney World

Tyson came home from work one day and he walked into our bedroom
and sat down on the floor with us while I was fixing Lexi's hair..
He had this awkward grin on his face when I looked over
and I was like what are you doing?
He made the face again and I was like am I making that face or something?
haha so he slides over his phone and starts grinning again..
I discreetly take a look and realize he had just booked us a disney world trip
without any serious discussion between the two of us!
(Normally I'm the one who likes to organize and plan things like that)
so I was a little taken back at first because Zoey is at such a tricky age!
But after a couple of days getting used to the idea
I am just excited that he surprised us with it and that we get to go!
Even if Zoey will most likely test my patience the entire time..
it will be worth it! :)

We didn't want to tell Lexi right away
because that would have been a LONG month of
having the "when are we going" conversation!
So we waited until a week before and had a little movie night
and showed her this little clip! As always...
it didn't go as smoothly as we had anticipated
she was too excited for a new video she had never seen before
and she kept looking at zoey dancing to the music with the loudness
of the video and not to mention it was a pretty short and fast clip..
so we kind of had to re-tell her/ask her if she heard what it said hah!
BUT, she/we are super excited for Disney World!!

It was so fun looking back at all of our home videos.. I wasn't able to post near as many videos as I would have liked.. it became overwhelming because there was so much footage but goodness gracious Lexi has grown so much since 2013!! She was so little! (3 years old)

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  1. How cute!! I love how you did the movie credits :) Have so much fun at the happiest place on earth!! XO, Kelly


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