Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I have been so m.i.a. lately

there are about a million reasons that are stopping me from blogging lately,
and they all come back to photo issues...
it stresses me out to the max so I tried to avoid it as much as I can..
but in all reality it doesn't help by ignoring all the issues that come up..
it just results in less blogging and documenting all these moments :(

Here's the problems I've been having:
My camera or lenses have been having focusing issues since August.
I sent it into Nikon, got it back and I still have the issues..
so I'm now re-evaluating what I first thought it was
and trying to figure out if it's my lenses... or a re-occurring problem with my Nikon body
that will ultimately never be fixed.
who knows..  it's frustrating!!

and in the mean time I have since sent off one of my nicest lenses (24-70mm) to Nikon--
that was jammed almost two years ago that I never wanted to fork out the money to fix..
but after talking to the camera shop they recommended that being my first thing to fix.
That's like a 3 week process so in the mean time
I have no fix for anything in the picture taking department!
Just working with not so great camera equipment in the mean time.

My other issue..
blogger.. my photos no longer upload in great quality, they are distorted and blurred?
I've googled trying to fix it even going to my picassa account which I think is linked to blogger and I have not found an answer for why this is happening?! So in the mean time I have resorted back to uploading through photobucket.. which is way more time consuming.

Speaking of time consuming.. both my laptop & desktop
Memory/hard drives are full..
this results in me only being able to edit a couple images at a time..
then scrounging up things to delete or things to move over on a jump drive.
If you have ever tried to work on laptops or desktops with no hard drive space..
it is quite possibly the most frustrating and time consuming process.
The computer literally crawls and goes at the slowest pace ever!
so editing one image could take me anywhere from 5-15 min...

so that transitions into my external hard drive issue.
See, this is what I have done in the past.. when my computer or laptop gets full..
I start moving folder and files over to my external hard drive.
Well, three-four months or so ago my hard drive died on me.
It just keeps making this beeping sound at me when it is plugged in.
I have googled everything and haven't found anything to work..
Finally last week I googled and found the exact same hard drive
(which they have a newer version now so you can't buy it in the stores anymore)
so I ordered it hoping I would be able to switch out the bases
in hopes that, that is where the problem was..
but it arrived on Saturday and that is in deed not where the issue lies..
so I am still not able to access 7+ years of our life in pictures/files!
SERIOUSLY?! this is like a nightmare.

ok, so to make things worse...
since I am only able to transfer a couple images at a time
Zoey's birthday pictures were not transferred over..
I was only able to take off and edit a few of my favorites..
I was waiting on my external hard drive to arrive last Saturday
so I could swap things out and free up space on my hard drive.
SO to make things worse.. in the mean time.
the UNTHINKABLE happened...

My flippin sd card (with zoey's birthday pics)
was somehow inserted into my laptop by the wrong end..
Now I'm assuming I somehow managed to do this..
the only thing I can think of is that I was working on the computer late at night and swapping out sd cards in the slot and it was bedtime so the lights were off already..
and I somehow managed to not notice..
I can't remember if it was the next day I noticed or when..
 BUT, I go to plug it in correctly....
and noticed the other side was pretty hot -- the end that had been inserted on accident.
if you are still following and haven't completely gotten LOST yet..
guess what happens next?
BESIDES the fact that my computer will NOT recognize my sim card anymore..
the SD CARD is now literally smoking while it is inserted into my LAPTOP!

so for those of you who have ever had SD CARD issues..
most of the time you can still save your images even if the SD Card is damaged.
You have to take it into a camera shop because they usually are the only ones who have the software to recover files.. but with my ISSUE.. (where my SD literally starts smoking while inserted)
I'm pretty sure this means I'm screwed
and I won't be able to have access to the rest of the images from Zoey's party!!

ohhh it made/makes me so sick!
IF I have to look on a bright side though..
I was able to salvage some of my favorites from the night..
by no means all of them.. but a small portion..
so at least I have something.

so that's my life..
haha and a good reason for being away for far too long on this little space here!
(where is my tear face emojis?!?!)

On a brighter note.. I do have something fun to share
despite all the depressing news hah!
Ty was able to run errands with me one day while Lexi was in school..
which was such a treat by the way.. almost felt like we were on a date ha!
We picked up some Christmas gifts and snagged this game "Pie Face"
We had seen it in youtube forever ago (i think it was in another country)
anyways, they sell them in stores here now.. wal-mart had it
so we went and snagged it!
After Lexi got out of school her and Ty played
and it was in deed HILARIOUS!
I'd highly recommend it for the family! :)
this was Lexi's first go at the game... and it was priceless!
She was getting so mad that Ty kept getting safe.. but his turn eventually came too :)

 photo DSC_0357.jpg  photo DSC_0336.jpg  photo DSC_0337.jpg

update:: I think I have fixed my uploading with blogger problem with this fix


  1. Hi doll!

    So sorry this is such a frustration to you! With the Blogger uploading detail... are you uploading when composing and making sure to select "original size"? That will ensure the quality appears true when on the blog versus a pixelated version. You will need a code implemented on your page in this case to make sure all images resize to the same with publish and live BUT that could be your ticket!


  2. This is Renee with Topsy Turvy Diaper Cake®. I would highly recommend a cloud backup like Carbonite. (They have an affiliate program too) You can set automatic backups with all your devices. Also, since I produce instructional videos so I make it a practice not to remove and use my SD cards from my video camera mainly out of fear losing the tinny little thing and all my hard work. It takes more time to use your USB cable but you’ll always know where your card is. You can thank me later;-)

  3. ooh that surely is a lot of things that are going wrong :( I hope youll fix all the issues <3 Only recommendation i can give is towards the blogger thing. I'd suggest switching to wordpress since I believe people has less problems with that. I at least have never had problems :) x

    also that game looks fun.


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