Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 4 Disney World // Animal Kingdom

All I have to say is FINALLY!! At almost midnight I have finally figured out how to get my images back to the higher quality.. they have been coming out pixely once I upload to blogger and try to make any of my post and it has been killin me!!
Ok, I can now get back to posting from our trip! I still have lots of post in the queue so don't forget to keep stopping back by the blog! Or follow over on facebook or bloglovin where it will update you every time I post! :)
On Friday, We decided to go to the Animal Kingdom
we thought for sure the kids would love it there but it was probably my least favorite day
It might have been because we didn't do all too much and we got to the park a little later around noon.
But we started it out with the Kilmanjaro Cruise,
I'm not sure the hour+ wait was worth it..
it was fun, but the animals were all pretty far away
besides the giraffe and it is the same stuff you would see at a zoo.
Then we grabbed lunch in Asia at the Yak & Yeti.
Then we headed over to It's Tough to be a Bug and then Ty and Lexi went on the Kali River Rapids.
Ty told me it wasn't really worth getting drenched for so I opted out of that one.
We had about an hour and a half wait before the next show we were suppose to go see and we were running low on energy so we decided to head back to the hotel instead and rest until dinner.

We had dinner reservations at 8:20 at Disney's Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
This one didn't show up on our apps so Ty had called to see if there were any openings and there was!
It was a fun one, glad we got to go even if we were tending to Zoey the entire time!!

giving kisses, love these two!

 yes i know Ty is totally distorted..
but with a wide angel lens and small area this was the only way to get us all in :)

We ended up switching back and forth to tend to Zoey since she wouldn't sit still for dinner,
it is so fun to watch her gain this little personality minus the whiny/demanding part!
This was the second time on our trip that she would gather up bark or leaves and put them into piles somewhere else.. I just loved watching her go to work! :)
You would think they would have been past out by the time we got back to the hotel..
but they were still going strong! Seriously love these two and how they make each other laugh!

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