Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last Day (Day 5) of Disney World! Magic Kingdom

I'm finally getting back on track and able to finish up our week at Disney World!! 

On our last day we tried to squeeze in all of our favorites! 
and the things we didn't have the chance to do..
It included another round of Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Tea Cups, parade, The Barnstormer, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, It's a Small World, and ended the night with the Wishes Firework Show!
We took a break in the middle and headed back to our hotel and had lunch that day! 

At the beginning of our trip Lexi had seen this scavenger hunt game 
(which I found out is called Sorceres of the Magic Kingdom)
anyways they play a little movie on the shuttle bus from the airport to your hotel
and it gives you tips on things to see.. I don't remember it being on there but Lexi 
kept trying to explain it to us and we had seen kids doing it throughout the week.
So I finally stopped and asked someone and they told us to head over to the beginning of the park by the fire station to get her cards and directions.. She LOVED this.. we just did the Fantasy Land portion and at the end I told her she won! haha it's kinda silly and apparently it's a really big thing because there was an adult couple ahead of us at one of the stations and she said they had three years of cards they forgot at home?! not sure what all that means but it sounds intense! 

We finally caught the whole parade, and I was pretty impressed with the location we landed..

On our last night we couldn't find any reservations open to restaurants we wanted to eat at, 
so we grabbed dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus.. which ended up being in the perfect location since we were getting kind of on the cranky side and we had just finished up It's a Small World in Fantasy Land. After dinner, Tyson & Lexi stood in an 90 minute line to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.. in the mean time I headed over to main street to buy a new SD Card.. once I finally got back over to where they were I still had about a 45 minute wait.. luckily Zoey had passed out in the stroller.. she was WAY overdue on a nap since it was technically bed time. After they got off the ride I was able to hop back on the ride with Lexi with the parent swap and get in the fast pass lane. (which I would highly recommend getting a fast pass in advance.. there weren't any available when we tried) 

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