Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving at Disney World

This was an extremely long day but we jam packed it with as much fun as we could!
We woke up bright and early and got to the park for the Welcome Show.. where characters ride in on the train and make opening up the park a big deal for the little ones! After that we headed over to Be Our Guest for breakfast. I actually LOVED this restaurant, it was my favorite from the trip. We also had dinner reservations there for that night but there happened to be an opening at Cinderella's table so we opted for that option since it is so hard to get into.

For breakfast you have the option to dine in:
The Grand Ballroom – Go for baroque in this magnificent ballroom with high, domed ceiling, chandeliers and snow-laced Gothic arches.
The West Wing – Dine in the Beast’s mysterious West Wing study—if you dare—and perhaps you’ll even spy the enchanted rose.
The Castle Gallery – Get swept up in the romance of Belle’s private library, and inspired by the larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast dancing.

We chose the West Wing and sat by the enchanted rose. After breakfast we headed over next door to Enchanted Tales with Belle.. where there was no wait at all (one of the perks of being at the park in the early hours). Loved the interactive story adventure, they give kids all parts and act in a little play. At the end Belle is there and they applaud all of their roles and get to take a picture with her!

 photo DSC_2232.jpg
 photo DSC_2275.png
 photo DSC_2263.jpg
 photo DSC_2261.png
 photo DSC_2272.png
 photo DSC_2270.png
 photo DSC_2271.png

 photo DSC_2307.jpg

 photo DSC_2302.jpg 
 photo DSC_2322.png
 photo DSC_2326.jpg

After that we headed over wait in line to meet Elsa & Anna!
 photo DSC_2356.png  photo DSC_2369.jpg  photo DSC_2376.jpg  photo DSC_2379.jpg  photo DSC_2382.jpg After meeting Elsa & Anna Ty let Lexi pick out something
from the gift shop and then we headed over to the Teacup ride!
 photo DSC_2397.jpg   photo DSC_2404.jpg
 photo DSC_2411.jpg
 photo DSC_2409.jpg  photo DSC_2436.jpg

After the Teacups we headed back to the hotel
to rest since we didn't have dinner reservations until 9:20 that night!
Zoey passed out on the way to get on our shuttle bus.. and she slept the entire ride!
 photo DSC_2459.jpg
 photo DSC_2465.jpg
We had a huge bus all to ourselves.. and Lexi was quite the entertainer!
 photo lexidwshuttleride.jpg
and back into the stroller..  photo DSC_2490.jpg

 photo DSC_2496.jpg

After we got back to the Magic Kingdom we did Splash Mountain
(the only thing we did that day that Zoey couldn't do)
so we used the parent swap pass so we could both go on with Lexi!
and after that we did the Under the Sea ride
   photo DSC_2512.jpg

 photo DSC_2519.png After the Frozen Holiday Wish Show (which was so fun because it involved Frozen for lex)
we ventured over to the Philhar Magic show to kill time before dinner. photo DSC_2606.png

 photo DSC_2620.png
Since Cinderella's Table is in the castle & the firework show at 9
was put on around the castle they block off the entrances during those times for safety reasons..
so we were stuck in this hallway until it was time for dinner at 9:20
We were able to watch the Wishes firework show that night from our little spot
 photo DSC_2612.png
 photo DSC_2672.png
 photo DSC_2684.jpg
 photo DSC_2690.png

 photo princessthanksgivingdinner.jpg
After dinner, we were all pretty tired so we headed back to the hotel!
Late dinners and Zoey were definitely not my favorite :)
she is a busy bee these days and is so hard to get photographed!

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