Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life Lately

I have so much to catch up on over on this little blog..
I spent over 5+ hours the other day on the phone on and off with Apple trying to free up space on my macbook.. I still have yet to be able to clear off enough space to empty off my 64gig iphone that has run out of space to take pictures... seriously guys i have a picture taking problem!!
Given my iphone has pictures/videos on it from all the way back to July..
which is the longest I've gone without having to do an phone photo dump!!
64 gig phone.. you were well worth the purchase!!

Ok, so in the mean time about three weeks ago I was pushing my laptop back on the couch using my finger (pushing the screen) anyways--- DONT EVER DO THAT.. I totally cracked the screen internally and the lines/black internal marking are slowly creeping all over my screen and I'm losing visibility!! Just another thing I have to add to my "fix list" -- when will it ever stop?!?
I just want functioning electronics that don't run out of space!! that's all i'm asking for!

Ok back to life..
Let's start with little Lexi.
So for the past year or so I've been dealing with her having issues telling me her stomach hurts. I haven't been able to figure out what it is.. brushed it off MANY times. It was always random and I was never able to figure out what would be causing it.. she was often fine minutes later.. nothing debilitating or anything that took her out of playing or not wanting to go do things but they were frequent enough I would document time of day and try to keep a little diet of what she had eaten.
I never did figure anything out on my own.. but back in December one night she crawled into our bed complaining of a bee in her ear (buzzing im assuming). Well I had just been made aware of by Lexi that she had been frequenting the nurses office because her tummy hurts (maybe happened 3-4 times) the nurse would always send her back to class because she wasn't running a fever or anything.. I also found out she would send her on her way with a peppermint. SO I assumed well of course she keeps going back because she is getting candy.. who wouldn't!! hah - I didn't take it too serious.
So fast forward to the night she crawled into our bed complaining about her ear. I decided ok I'm just going to take you in to the doctor and figure out what all is going on..
That next morning we went in and sure enough she had a pretty bad ear infection. They treated it with antibiotics and it went away. While we were there..  I had mentioned to the doctor how off and on for like a year she would tell me her tummy hurts. We talked about the possibility of it being a food allergy and we could try eliminating dairy from her diet. -- It takes about a month or so of being without dairy in your system to tell if that's what it is.

OK pause.

That to me is like a really big wasted guessing game.. there is no way I will fully be able to eliminate dairy in her diet to make an accurate judgement because she lives off of dairy daily.

LUCKILY, there is a blood work process that you can do to get accurate testing and figure out what she specifically might have a food intolerance to.
After I left the doctor I talked to Ty and let him know what all they said and he was all for the blood test. Insurance does not cover it.. It ended up costing $100 out of pocket (well worth it I think).
So you have to go online-- order the test kit (it's $10) and then you receive it in the mail to your address. You then take the package into the doctors office and they do the blood work and send it off to the labs.. then they will get your results back and notify you.
SO I'm not thinking actual "blood work" when I took Lexi into the office Jan 4th the Monday before school started back up.. I had both girls with me.. and I had just told Lexi it would be a finger prick (she was totally fine with that because she did so well with it in the past) SO let's just say that's totally not what the "blood work" was! They have to get a tube of blood to test.. so they did a blood draw in that middle section of your arm.. the legit way-- anyways Lexi started panicking before/while they did it.. her blood wasn't flowing very fast either so it took twice as long.. then we had Zoey at my feet crying & trying to climb up.. but I had to sit there and console Lexi who was scared to death!! It was kind of chaotic! Luckily there were two nurses in there with us and in hindsight I'm really glad that I truly did not know that it wasnt going to be a finger prick because I know I would have been worrying about it that much more! 

Ok so back to the results..
I'll just attach the sheet we got.. 0 is no sensitivity and 3 is the highest
With that being said.. these are the one she eats regularly that she is effected by now
She scored 3 on Cows Milk  -- (Dr recommended eliminating this one fully from her diet)
She scored 2 on Egg White, Mozzarella Cheese, Gluten, and Wheat and some others that don't really effect her because she doesn't eat them hardly ever.
Now on the Level 1:
Cheddar Cheese, Yogurt, Tomato, Watermelon

This week has been an eye opener on what is in food! I am seriously the worst person at knowing whats healthy whats not.. I have never really cared I just go for fast and convenient.. I'm not a cooke or good at meal planning! So this whole food allergy thing is kind of hindering my current parenting skills! Now I'm going to try and figure out what all this means... what kind of food I can give her because most of our snacks in our pantry has 1 of the red marked ingredients listed above in them!

She is still a spunk full of energy.. still makes us laugh with new things she's saying.. now it's not just words it's funny sayings that catch me and Tyson saying where on earth did she hear that! Love her to pieces!!

Now onto Tyson...
For the last couple of months he has been having this chest/throat pains & random chronic hiccups -- It's after he eats he would notice it felt stopped up and not fully going down and it got pretty uncomfortable this last month. He also had noticed a lump/bulge right under his sternum that sticks out. He went to the doctor and then got an x-ray and went to a GI doctor.. then from there they scheduled for him to get an endoscopy. During that time frame-- I googled some stuff. Long story short.. I gave myself a complete anxiety attack and pretty much was thinking worse case scenario. It got so bad that I couldn't even think positive and I was trying my best to not scare the crap out of Tyson (which I'm pretty sure I had already done because I broke down to him telling him I was worried about it the night I started googling symptoms)  Anyways.. it was a long weekend of just waiting for the endoscopy which was on a Monday.. Lexi was in school but I had Zoey with me.. she kept me preoccupied while we waited for him to get done but I was so so anxious.. they said it was a 15 min procedure but it took him an hour before he was back in the room. The doctor came in and let us know she just saw Acid Reflux and they took biopsies and sent them off for gastritis and eosinophillic esophagitis - which both came back negative! After we left the hospital that day I just felt giddy.. seriously wanted to give Heavenly Father a big hug because I had literally been praying constantly that everything would be fixable and that was the news we were able to leave with! So for now he is suppose to be taking medicine for acid reflux and I went ahead and ordered him a food allergy kit too.. after seeing what all Lexi's test was able to tell us. I'm thinking some of his symptoms may be food related as well.. we will see!

Zoey Update:
She is getting a strong little personality.. I still have a love hate relationship with this age but it is so fun to watch her grow!! She has been sick since Monday with a horrible cough, I took her in to the doctor yesterday because she has been having a bad gag/cough attack - they checked her out and her ears are fine and her chest sounded fine - she just has a super runny nose and drainage going on! She has been going to bed around 5 & 6 or so the last couple of nights and being down for the nights.
She still sounds pretty bad today and has been super cuddly/whiny/and has not napped good at all today. So hopefully she kicks it soon!


  1. I don't think I've commented before, or at least in awhile, but just a random idea, can you dump your photos from your phone directly onto an external harddrive (via your comp)? These days I don't even use the storage on my computer, I just have multiple external harddrives or cloudspace.

    I have had a scary experience like Tyson and that moment of relief really is the most wonderful feeling. The stress can be unbearable and I have learned to stay away from Google!

  2. I totally feel you on the food allergies. We found out a year and a half ago my son has intolerances to gluten and dairy. It is definitely eye opening! Since then we've also found out my mom and I both have the gluten intolerance. It seems to be hereditary in our case. I hope you can figure out everything with Tyson as well!

  3. oh no, sorry to hear that.. i hope with the right diet for both they get better, it can be hard watching your little one suffer.. sending hugsxx


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