Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

BACK STORY before you read all of this.

My husband and I decided to start eating healthy and working out February 2nd..
We didn't decide to do the challenge until March 5th
Without him doing this a long side me..
this whole process WOULD NOT have been possible!!
Sadly, I am just not that strong willed!

We are two of the most unhealthy eaters
and neither of us have ever really worked out in our marriage.
We have been eating out 4x give or take a week (maybe more)
We DON'T drink alcohol - -so that is in our favor..
but we sure love our treats and sodas (mt. dew for him and dr. pepper for me)! :)

I'm writing this the night of the 24th day!!
Honestly, I have mixed feelings...
Yay!! We survived 24 days of eating healthy!!!
BUT, I'm kinda nervous about staying on track! 
I don't want to fall back into the trap of over indulging or eating more snacks/treats than I should!
I think what I have decided is that I need those "cheat days" in my life so I can stay on track the majority of the time!! For now me and Tyson are setting one day on the weekend to be our "cheat day". Neither of us are where we want to be - but we are going to stay on track until we get there.

(what prepping for vacation looked like)

I was really good about working out in the beginning.
I did 4 days a week for 3 weeks straight-- (my Pilates Barre class)..
then spring break happened..
I worked out twice in the hotel gym during those 7 days
and then I was able to go to one more Pilates Class
when we got back from our trip before my unlimited month of Pilates class ended
and then back to school and prepping for Easter & trying to find a babysitter to get it done..
you get the picture.. exercising kinda went down hill the last couple of weeks.

BUT, I am proud to say that Day 24 (today) --
I decided to get back on track with running on the treadmill
and doing ab workouts from home..
I'm going to start taking advantage of  Zoey naps for this
and make that a priority. Totally doable--
now I just have to make sure I keep up on the motivation and hold myself accountable!
not my strong suit.

So what were my intentions, what were my goals for this whole 24 day challenge?

My number 1 goal I would say is to get rid of my belly fat.
Okkkkkkkkkkkkk yes I said it.. belly fat.
I don't know how many times people have said.. what fat?!
Seriously people -- I promise you, I DO in fact have belly fat.
I'm not going to show you a picture to prove it - sorry about it

SO here is my thing that I want to stress...
my fat MAY NOT look like your fat.
BUT we all have it and our "fat" may also hide in different places..
Mine just happens to make me look like a little ethiopian or a 16-24 week prego!
yep, that pretty much sums up my body type!

The struggle is real people.. and I don't love it so I would like to do what I can to minimize it
-- so that was my goal & that was my drive for doing this challenge.
We had/have beach trips involved and that has been my motivation!
After all, you gotta have a problem to have the drive to fix/change something!
P.S. this maybe a little tmi but when I stopped breast feeding..
those babies obviously slimmed WAY down..
so it leaves that little buddha belly of mine feeling large and in charge!

OK so back to the challenge --
It wasn't too bad -- we are probably not the most strict people doing this challenge
we were not obsessively monitoring our portions or our calories
(although we paid attention to calories and portions)
I probably had more snacks than I was suppose to & I ate snacks that had sugar too close to bed time. BUT ya know what... that is the most healthy Tyson or I have probably ever ate in our lives..
so I'm pretty dang proud we were able to make it 24 days not eating what we were used to!

I tried to document pretty closely what I ate..
sometimes I would forget but I will attach those at the end in case someone out there is interested!
Keep in mind I may not be the best example to follow.
I was told to ditch the bars multiple times.. (Lara Bar & Kind Bar-- still healthy choices)
(because the sugar & carbs may be what is causing my bloating)
BUT those were my "deserts" I craved so much..  so I ate them!
I tried to just do those every couple of days towards the end.. if that.
I learned a lot about nutrition (knew nothing before this)
and still have soooo much to learn.
Who knew sodium caused bloating.. -- totally learned that from this!

Ok and ya know how people say they feel soo good and soo much energy
from working out and eating healthy?!

Well I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old..
they wear me out!! (You moms with more than 2 kids... I give you a trophy!)
2 weeks in and I'm expecting to feel all good and see all these changes..
but, NO.
I'd say I was pretty cranky..
cranky I was making all these healthy changes
and seeing NO RESULTS what-so-ever..
I didn't feel like I had any more energy
Let me tell you, I sacrificed a whole-lot-ta treats on vacation- it was torture!!
my splurge on vacation was getting chicken caesar salads..
(quite frankly I did not care that caesar dressing wasn't the best for you)
-- better than french fries and that ciabatta sandwich right?

BUT THANKFULLY while on vacations,
two days after the cleanse part was over and we were onto the max phase..
I started to notice some changes.. I was starting to feel less bloated and it got my hopes back up and I had a loving pep-talk text from one of my best friends that helped me stick it out and stay on track!
I was so close to cheating or calling it quits.

When we got home I got on the scale and there was change!
I know weight was not my goal of this whole thing..
but it was like that little proof I needed that my body
was reacting to all this change.. in a positive way!

One other thing to note--
I did the MNS C- which helps with Apetite Control
-- I totally did not notice any change what so ever
-- I feel like I have a pretty big appetite.
I always seem to eat just as much as Tyson
and I didn't notice any kind of less cravings or anything.

Tyson did the MNS E-- which is suppose to help you have more energy.
Ty didn't really notice a change in his energy,
he actually thought it supressed his appetite too --
but keep in mind he drinks protein shakes too because he is working out
-- and in my head I feel like that may have been contributing to that?!

DAY 25!!!!
Ok, I'm back finishing up the post and it's now Day 25 (March 29th, 2015)
We both lost weight and an inch or so off our waist --
Tyson probably lost a lot more but we didn't do a real before measurement for him
so we were going off 20 days ago!

Challenge is over.. now what?!
I think we will continue to take the catalyst before some of our meals and possibly omega plex at dinner. I need to talk to our coach/friend and see what she recommends. I will most likely keep drinking the meal replacement shakes for breakfast when I don't have time to fix breakfast.. because they don't taste bad and they are easy!! I am starting the like the peanut butter chocolate shake over the plain chocolate shake.
I'm going to keep drinking plenty of water and stay off of Dr. Pepper until after our beach trip in a couple of weeks and then I think I will introduce that back in on our cheat day. I'm probably not going to be as worried about when I have snacks.. I need my snacks!! Just still making sure they are healthy choices!  We just went to Costco and stocked up -- stocking up on healthy food / snacks is CRUCIAL for eating right!!! But anyways, I have started using this app my mom recommended to me called Fooducate and basically I tried to not buy anything not in the A & B range! If anyone is interested I will have to do another post with the treat/snacks I've been indulging in!

Ok, I'm sure I left out a lot of stuff so if you have any questions..
leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer!!


  1. Way to go on losing weight! Keep up the good work! :) And yes! Please write a post on some of the healthy snacks you eat! I'm always looking for healthy snacks, so I'd love to hear some of yours! :) Thanks so much!

  2. I'm about to start the challenge. I did it a year ago, but I was nursing so I couldn't do the herbal cleanse. By the time I got to the max phase I decided to just incorporate the first phase into my everyday life because I noticed a big change in my newborns gas and tummy troubles. I'm excited to start again!!!


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