Monday, March 7, 2016

Drop Stop Giveaway as seen on Shark Tank

As most of you know, we love Shark Tank products around here...
and this one is no different!!
DropStop is one more way you can keep
you and your loved ones safe while traveling in your car!

My car is ALWAYS a mad mess..
because let's be honest,
it's impossible to keep a clean car with kids!

prevents keys, phones, change,
jewelry, makeup, bottle caps, pens, gum,
and more from falling down the car seat gap.

More time with your eyes on the road
and free from distractions!

One Pillow Thought reader gets to have one DropStop package!
If you would rather order one now,
just use CODE: PILLOW for free shipping!
Make sure you follow Drop Stop & Pillow Thought over on facebook so you can stay up to date!

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