Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Netflix Picks!

Lexi's Favorites:
The Hive
Cupcake Wars
Grace Stirs Up Success 
Cat in the Hat
Daniel Tigers Neighborhood
Odd Squad
and we can't forget about.. Home
My Favorites:
We finished Fuller House last night!!
By mid season I was completely hooked! 
LOVE that they have a second season coming for us! 
speaking of second seasons.....
UNBREAKABLE Season 2 will be on Netflix April 15th!!
Also, If you haven't started watching Fixer Upper.. season 2 is on there now!!
Meet the Mormons is a good one too ;)


  1. LOVE that you do this every month!

  2. Hi, I noticed you guys took a trip without the girls! I'm suppose to go on a work trip with my husband next month and we will be leaving our two lil ones. Any tips? How long did you leave them? I'm a lil nervous leaving them but I know they will be in good hands.


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