Thursday, June 9, 2016

GOOD THiNS, one of my favorite go-to snacks!

 Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.
While I was compensated to write a post about GOOD THiNS, all opinions are my own.

I just wanted to share with all of you something I recently discovered at my grocery store!
It's called

They are a wholesome alternative to chips and I am obsessed with them!!

Ever since me and Tyson started eating wholesome products, I always run everything by my "Fooducate" app to make sure I'm eating or snacking on either A or B ranked products and this one passes the test!

What I love most about them is that they have NO: 

artificial flavors, colors, cholesterol, partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup.
GOOD THiNS are made with real ingredients (like wheat, potato and rice) and combined with enticing flavors
(like spinach, garlic and sweet potato) baked thin and crispy.

Kids are honest in a way that adults rarely are.
They’re also difficult to please, which is why they make great go-to food critics.

Finally we have a go-to snack and they taste delicious all by themselves!

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