Thursday, June 2, 2016

May Netflix Picks

My Picks:

Since I last posted about our Netflix picks.. 
I have started running on our treadmill upstairs.. which lucky for me is located near a tv that hasn't been setup yet.. but I bought a firestick from Target and I have been able to watch our Netflix on the tv!!
I have been trying to run 1 mile, walk 1 mile a day.. 6 days a week..
BUT, as of late this goal isn't always happening like it was the first 3 weeks were but I blame that on allergy season and getting food poisoning.. ohh the things that will set you off track!
Anyways.. I'm atleast still doing it 4 days week.. so still not too bad!

This means I get in at least one Netflix episode a workout!
I just finished Young Hungry Season 3 last night.... super annoyed that the season is over because that tends to be my favorite to watch! If you know of any another romantic comedy type shows please let me know!!

I also started: 
Gilmore Girls.. but didn't quite make it through the 1st episode.. little to slow for me while working out.
Last Man Standing... good show but I only got to episode 5 because that one was a little more slow for me too...
I feel like there are sitcoms for lounging and sitcoms to watch while working out and that's what I'm struggling to find now that I ran out of Young & Hungry.

Also I had watched Melissa & Joey a couple times so I may go back to that one and see if the rest is any good!

Lexi's Picks:
Cupcake Wars 
Hotel Transylvania 2
Odd Squad


  1. Try Baby Daddy. Also, Pretty Little Liars. It's not a comedy but it's good and intense. Should be great for a workout.

  2. Minions is my little boy's favorite too. I read somewhere today that the newest Disney movies will soon be available on Netflix. Don't know if it's true or not. but sure hope so.

  3. I would start watching Baby Daddy! It's hilarious, and it's got a little romance, too! It's definitely one of my favorites! :-)


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