Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lexi's 6th Birthday Party / Paint Party

We celebrated Lexi's 6th Birthday this past weekend!
Her birthday landed on a Sunday this year so we held her party the Saturday before!
We went with a painting theme and the kids loved it!
We threw a 10:30-12 party and I ended up loving that time frame.. I planned two little crafts and it filled up the time perfectly! I did most of the party setup the night before and then just left the food for the morning of!
Then we had the rest of the day to play and we ended up going swimming and hit up Medieval Times for dinner and both girls LOVED that along with my parents who were able to come in town for the weekend!

Happy Birthday Lexi Lu Lu!!
We sure love you to pieces!

We did two painting crafts:
The 1st one was painting their own puzzle pieces!
It was close to 100 degrees out so after they were done we set those out in the sun and almost all of them were dry before their parents came to pick up!
The second activity we did was painting canvas with squirt guns!
I gave the kids an option to have some quote or saying written on their canvas and named quite a few different things they could use like their name or other cute sayings..
one was beautiful girl and most girls ended up using that one!
We wrote the saying on the canvas with a glue gun and hot glue!
I had picked three paint colors that complimented each other and the theme of the party..
so we went with: Blue, Purple, & Pink
Then found squirt guns that matched each color and filled those with paint and a tid bit of water.
Then the girls squirted their canvas and made their own little artwork!

Lovely Shops & Party Details:
Paper Tassel Garland: Carousel Lane
Mint & Pink Fringe Garland: Ellenor Shop -use code PILLOWTHOUGHT10 for 10% off
Honeycomb Pink Garland: Target/ Party Section
Tiny Peach Tassels: Michaels Craft Store
Confetti Balloons: OhShinyPaperCo
White Table Cloth: Amazon

Cupcake Topper Art Pallette & Paint Brush: Sugar And Stripes Co.
Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrapper: The Fulfilled Shop
Pink Ombre Candles on Cake: Amazon
Plates & Napkins: Homegoods

Aqua Blue Bag: Target Dollar Section
Paint Brushes: Hobby Lobby
Pink Stuffing: Hobby Lobby
Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint: Target Dollar Section
Labels: I designed them

White Plastic Paint Palettes: Hobby Lobby also on Amazon
Paint Brushes: Hobby Lobby also on Amazon
(it comes in an assortment of colors I just pulled the pink and purple)
Pink & Purple Felt: Hobby Lobby
Blank Puzzle Pieces: Michael's Craft Store also on Amazon
(it was in the summer craft section- not sure if they were seasonal)
Paint: Hobby Lobby
White Table Cloth: Amazon
8x8 Thin Canvas: Michael's Craft Store or Hobby Lobby
Squirt Guns: Dollar Store & Kroger
Drop Cloth Canvas: I already had
( We used a hot glue gun to write a saying before they squirted it with paint
and the girls chose what they wanted it to say.. most girls picked beautiful girl :)


  1. Lindsey! You are so talented!! Love your designs! The party looks perfect and I must say I am thrilled over both activities! Also: love what you were wearing, aaaa those colours!

  2. Such a sweet, darling, ADORABLE, idea for your baby girl's birthday party! Love the pastel colors :)

  3. Love this! Going to do the squirt gun painting with my girls this week...they will love it! Great idea!


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