Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Perdido Key / Aug. 2nd The day I turned 30!!

The storms decided to roll in the night before and we
had the CRAZIEST lighting/thunder storm right around midnight..
So I'm guessing the skies were throwing me a little birthday celebration!
Even though I woke up in a dead scare
because our condo was on the 20th floor and I swear it
literally felt like we were inside of the cloud when the thunder started blasting
off every 15 seconds all with the craziest light show!

We woke up that morning and it was still rainy and overcast
and the rest of the days forecast wasn't looking too promising either!
Ty and the girls picked up beignets for breakfast and after a couple
of hours we decided to go hit up the outlets. By the time we were finishing up there the sun was trying to peek through the clouds! I put Zoey down for her nap, we did birthday cake, Ty finished up some work things and me and Lexi headed down to the pool for a bit!

For dinner we headed to one of our faves.. Lulu's!
It has the best environment and plenty to do while you wait for your table to be ready!
Zoey was extra worn out and feisty so we spent it taking turns walking with her
while each other ate dinner.. thankfully the weather cleared up and it was pretty good weather.
It was extra super hot & muggy though since we had all that rain come through,
but it wasn't raining so that's all that mattered!

just checkin out how much everything was..

haha those faces look priceless!

we tried to see if Zoey could do it, but she didn't quite fit the straps good enough..
so she just had to watch big sis go!

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