Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Perdido Key August 1st

Monday morning we woke up to a ton of dolphins out in the ocean so we watched them on our balcony while we ate breakfast and got ready for the pool and beach! We spent our days doing a good portion of going back and forth from beach to pool! Our flamingo float from last year finally died.. there was a hole somewhere in the head of it so he didn't make the trip home with us.. but we had plenty of other floats to keep them entertained! We also learned that pretty much all the crabs we caught from the night before.. died. Hah not sure if it was the lack of water or if they all killed each other off but we were taught to not keep 11 crabs in a bucket together over night!
That night we ate in and ventured to some shops
and ended up putting the girls down when we got back!

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