Monday, August 22, 2016

Perdido Key July 30/31st

First of all, this was a super last minute trip (like we planned it and booked it the week before)
and I seriously cannot say how perfect and much needed this trip was!
Like seriously if you ask me where my happy place is, this is it!
Every time I go back and look at pictures I get all the fuzzy feels
of how much fun it was just to go and spend a solid week with 3 of my favorite people!
Perfect way to spend my 30th birthday week!! Thanks Ty, you know me well!! <3

We rented a condo in Perdido Key, FL
- it's right down the road from Orange Beach/Gulf Shores Alabama -
(which is where I grew up going on summer vacations)
It's about 10 1/2 hours from where we live and the rentals are from Sat-Sat
We left Texas early Saturday morning around 5.. thinking we would get more sleep time in the car if we went that route.. but nope not so much. I think we only got one solid nap in for both of them.
and Zoey didn't disappoint with her screaming and crying fits either ;)

We rolled into town around 4 or 5 (check in is around 3)
We stopped around 3 times with the first one being a pit stop to Duck Dynasty
I think we ranked it a 3 or 4 out of 10.
Something to say you've been to but definitely not on the list for seconds.

So once we got to our condo (Indigo East) -highly recommend
we unpacked got all excited for the week ahead and headed out for dinner
at a local spot Fisherman's Corner then after dinner
zoey was especially exhausted so as soon as we ate our food
after our 30-45 min wait to sit down.. we were out of there!
Then we let Ty run into the grocery store to stock up for the week
while me and the girls stayed in the car..
because we weren't about to go into a grocery store with them!
Lexi's not bad but Zoey.. she likes to make a scene if ya know what I mean!

I snap-chatted pretty much our entire trip so here's Day 1 Story!

The next day we spent it at the beach and pool
ate dinner at Tacky Jacks, hit up souvenir shops and ended it with a night of crab hunting!
We kinda LOVED hunting for crabs! :)

Here's the recap for Day 2, thanks to snapchat stories :)

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