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4 Keys to Overcoming Design Obstacles

I have said this multiple times throughout the last year and half..
BUT this upstairs loft area has been the death of me!!

The playroom (posted that here) is basically tied in with the whole upstairs.. and on the other end of this loft area, is my office area (which is not finished). I love how open it is and it's nice to have my office where I can keep tabs on the littles but yet have it divided off enough to not be in the playroom. But since it's all one big space that means the walls all somehow have to tie together.

Making both designs fade into each other has been a little tricky.. especially since my style has evolved since I first started.

The look I was/am going for is industrial eclectic.

I picked my color scheme and tried to go from there. I wanted pops of color with white walls but I also wanted to tie in the use of woods and metals to add in the texture element.
I hit my fare share of trial and errors and here is what I learned
from overcoming some of these design obstacles.

1. Stick to a VIBE or theme of the room
First, you need to jump on pinterest and make a Pinterest board full of rooms that inspire the look you are going for. You won't be able to recreate any particuliar room but it will help guide you in the right direction. Especially when your brain gets too overwhelmed and all over the place! It will help reel you back in and help decide which route you want to go. Towards the end I started realizing I wanted more modern pieces than antique pieces for the look I was going for. 

When you find pictures that inspire you, diagnose that room. What is it that makes you go "awww i love that" usually it's something in that picture that is making "it work".

If I were to analyze the above picture, I would say:
  • the white shelves with the pops of colors on it 
  • a chalkboard that gives off that childrens playroom vibe
  • the rug which is also using those complimentary colors
  • and those funky yet again complimentary colored metal chairs
Those key elements are ultimately what makes this Room WORK for me and my style.
It's what gives me that extra "wow" factor! Obviously it's not perfect nor would I be happy with all those things in the picture but I am able to look past that and pull those similar things into my own room.

For example:
similar color scheme: check
white shelves with pops of color: check.
rug using complimentary colors: check
metal chairs: check'
chalkboard: check

Do you see what I mean?

2. Sometimes you have to compromise.

I kept seeing fun wallpaper in rooms that inspired me.. it can make such an impact! So I wanted to add wall paper or some fun wall decal but ultimately it just wasn't an option for this space. I only have one stand alone wall in the playroom and that was the wall where the windows are. All of the other walls lead into the other side of the upstairs loft area. So I had to compromise. Curtains is what I'm using instead to bring out that pop of color/design for that accent wall.

2. Don't be afraid to ditch items.

And then I realized.. too much wood was a bad thing!
It left me so far away from the look I was going for.

I love, love, love those rooms I pinned don't get me wrong. But ultimately I had to re-evaluate what wasn't working and why my space wasn't a room that I wanted to be walking into every day!

Another problem I was running into was trying to use existing pieces. I now had 5 wood pieces that were fairly prominent with the eye when scanning the room.

So I needed to bring in more white pieces to achieve the look I was going for. And in my case my style evolved.. my once antiquey look I was falling out of love with was turning into more of a modern look.

Note to self: Not all of the pieces you have are going to work.
SO I was left to ditch pieces.. or simply paint them to achieve the look I wanted!

I have a couple of sentimental pieces like a wood toy chest & the wood kids table that my husband and dad made for our kids. I ended up keeping the wood kids table because in the end I decided to make it work regardless.

I also had bought an Ikea unfinished wood entry table that I had the intentions of staining it when we brought it home. Well that Ikea table happened to be sealed unfinished wood-- so it took me and my husband.. ok my husband FOREVER to sand it down completely to where it would even take a stain. Well I tried a whole year to make that wood table work... but my sister pointed out -- there was just too much wood going on in that room (which was leading me away from that original vibe I was going for) AND guess what?! I couldn't get rid of it.. 1. We had just bought the thing 2. My husband just put blood sweat and tears into that sucker and probably would have disowned me.. haha so I waited a year and then ultimately decided it HAD to have a paint job there was just no other way around it to get the look I was going for.

But the wood toy chest... It just did not fit in anywhere and became more of an eye sore. However, that wood toy chest holds TONS of toys so I couldn't part ways with it.. so it is now inside the playroom closet. It made things a lot more crammed in there.. and I will have to re-work that space. But I was able to find it a home and keep it for sentimental & sensible purposes.
(excuse the messy iphone pic-- it's all I could find)
The toy chest once landed in the middle of these two doors (1/2 bath and closet) & it stuck out way too far. I finally decided to keep it simple with smaller white shelves streaming down the wall..They are pretty flush with the wall so nothing sticks too far out & it fits that space perfectly!

3. Keep your receipts.

TRIAL and ERROR my friends!
I don't know how many times I bought and returned items for this playroom. You will honestly have no idea how it's going to work in a room until you get it in the space and DO NOT settle my friends.. DO. NOT. SETTLE.! Keep the tags on it and if it doesn't speak to you in a week.. then RETURN the thing.  I also made the mistake of buying items purchased at antique malls.. You CANNOT return at antique malls. So I slowly learned my lesson! As fun as some of those items are, I would suggest not going that route unless you are going in with a certain item in mind and you measure and all that good stuff in advance! 

4. Dodging Eye Sores
Where there is a will, There is a way!
I spent a good couple of months trying to figure out how to hide a tiny storage door on the ONE wall I had to visually work with! I finally came up with the idea of having my husband make me a chalkboard the exact size of the door, so it would fit right on top of the door and I could remove it when I needed to get into the closet!  It was more apealing to the eye and yet it is still functional.. Which functionality is key!

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  1. This is inspiring and informative, thank you! My favorite tip: "do not settle!" We are in a home we know we likely only will be in for a couple more years, but I still want to make some updates in the kitchen Nd living room for the mean time, so I have these thoughts running through my mind:)


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