Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Long Lashes and what's working for me!

So a couple of years ago I was spoiled with having multiple friends do lash extensions for me.. after we moved to Texas my long lashes became short and stubby lashes ;)

Once I was done with pregnancy and breastfeeding.. I was ready for long lashes again and so for Christmas I bought myself Lilash.. a product I had used in the past. Well I used it for a solid 4 weeks and saw no results what so ever.. I had bought it off of Amazon so I went on and wrote feedback letting them know my results and disappointments. THANKFULLY they refunded me all of my money back (yes, even a month later) and I was back to square one.

So in March around our anniversary and our trip to Cancun I wanted to do eye lash extensions again and went to a place one of my friends recommended.. Well, they were pretty for a full week.. and two weeks in, a huge gap went missing - pretty sure she got real lazy on that last eye and didn't add near the amount of lashes she did to my other eye. Anyways, I didn't even bother going back in and complaining because I didn't have the intentions of maintaining them... not to mention finding time to get a babysitter is quite annoying on top of all the other times I need one. So I decided to just give up on the long lashes idea and when we were back in Idaho in June I was talking with friends about lashes and I was intodruced to the product Babe Lash. This was my friend who does eye lash extensions telling me about this product so I had high hopes this would be the one to save my long eye lash dreams!

Well I am now a return customer of Babe Lash and I've been using the product for a couple of months now (I'm at the maintaining stage) but I am in love with the results! My once stubby lashes finally on their own with some good mascara are finally looking the way I want!

Also hands down, my favorite mascara is:
It Cosmetics -Superhero Mascara
I have been using this mascara for a solid year now..
and have tried other brands periodically but I keep going back to this one!
It seriously makes your lashes look so much longer and I like that it isn't water-proof because I tend to hate how hard  to get off water-proof mascara is! I end up tearing my eye lashes off just trying!

Let me know if any of you try these, I would love to know how they work for you!

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