Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our first broken bone!

We experienced our first broken bone in the Marlor household!
Well technically it's called a Buckled Fracture, thanks to her little bones that still act like rubber!
The doctors said it's pretty much like a break for them,
Buckle fractures are more common in children because their bones are softer and more able to bend. Buckle fractures of the forearm usually occur in the radius.
We don't have to do surgery or anything and it's just going to be 3 weeks in the cast thank goodness!

So here's how it all happened..
side note.. We got home Monday night from our trip,
and I got a text from my friend asking if we could take her daughter  (Lexi's friend) to gymnastics that day.. anyways the next day around lunch time ty randomly goes I need to go to gymnastics today. I was like ok that was an awkward way to tell me haha (in my head of course) but I figured he just wanted to go since he hadn't been to any of her practices yet.. so Ty tagged a long and it wasn't until later that night that I realized that was a huge prompting because I would have been an even bigger mess with all three kids!

So we were just sitting in the viewing parent room of the gym and literally with only 5 minutes of class left I hear Ty go Lexi just ate it.. anyways I look up to try to find her and I see her on the ground kind of crying and the coach ran over to her.. she had fallen off one of the high beams.. anyways I didn't really think anything of it until I see her mouthing mom on repeat.. then I knew it was a pretty serious cry.. so I ran over to the door to the gym and they had me wait until the coach brought her over.. she was crying but not like crazy crying but her coach was like I would probably take her to the doctor and so I repeated in question form.. you think I need to take her in? and she was like well i'm not a doctor but if it's not looking good in the next bit I would probably take her in.. then she went to grab ice as I tried to hold lex and calm her down.. and grab her stuff and her friend so we could head out of there..
Well we got ice and I was walking back out of the building when I noticed Lexi's lip color was completely gone.. so I continued asking her do you feel like your going to throw up but she said no and she just kept crying pretty hard and saying it hurt.. so by the time we got to the door of the place I told Ty we needed to take her in because I was pretty sure she did something to it.
So of course if any of you personally know me.. I'm a panicker..
I don't do well in high stress situations so we are trying to get everyone in the car and find an urgent care all at the same time. Long story short we landed ourselves at an urgent care ER a couple of minutes away and headed in. NO ONE was in there haha so I'm thinking there is probably not a good chance they are in network.. not looking forward to all these medical bills coming for us.

So anyways they did the x-ray, I had called her friends mom to ask her if she could just stay with us.. turns out having a best friend with you lightens the mood and makes crappy situations a whole lot more fun! So we got the x-ray results and it was a buckled fracture like I mentioned before and then they put a splint on it and the next morning I called an ortho and they got her in this afternoon. She picked a pink cast and hasn't been in much pain since it happened.. she has but very minimal!

Looks like we will be out of gymnastics for a bit and we will see what the rules are for soccer because that was suppose to start up in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking I might still have her to do that since it's only 3 weeks in a cast.

For now she's going to have to relearn to write with her left hand and figure out how to work things with only one functioning arm! :) Just grateful Ty was with me and that it wasn't more serious!

don't worry i snapchatted to document ;)
I'm kind of obsessed with making these stories!

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  1. ouch! I hope shes feeling good as new soon! Our only broken bone was from a fall in the McDonald play place! ha!


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