Monday, September 26, 2016


ok as you guys may have already picked up.. we like surprising family members with visits.
It all started way back when our first one was pulled off when my mom flew in town for Lexi's 2nd birthday when we lived in Idaho. My sister and husband were in on it together and it is the first time I had ever been truly surprised in my life. If you have never been surprised before it is quite possibly the best feeling ever!!

SO in the last 4 years we have kept those surprise visits going surprising:
My mom, dad, sister, Kinsey (my sisters little girl), Tyson (i flew in his cousin), me, and now we did Lex.

So last year Ty surprised me (for the second time) and flew my mom in..
I was in shock he was able to pull it off without me knowing but he did it for grandparents day at school and she was also able to make it to one of Lexi's soccer games while she was in town!

This year grandparents day landed while Tyson was outta town.. so Saturday Ty showed me his phone and it was my moms flight itinerary.  I got super excited because I wasn't even going to bring it up to my parents because they have made a lot of trips this year driving here and my mom doesn't have a ton of vacation days left for the year...

So anyways.. I get a call Sunday from my parents (luckily it was after church and the girls were both down napping so I could chat) and my Dad's like so whats the plan?! haha I was like what do you mean? Are you coming too??? haha OMIGOSH it hit me- we had forgot about my dad... (i blame this on me not being in on the planning part-- but in everyone's defense my dad was working last year and didn't come-- but he is now retired so we didn't even think about it) but MY poor dad!!! He was totally getting left out but luckily he decided to just drive up since he has the extra time and he likes to ramble.. (he made lots of stops at different antique/ car places - he is in the middle of restoring his corvette) anyways, so my mom flew in Tuesday night after she got off work.. so my dad left Memphis when my mom left for work that morning.. and my dad ended up picking her up at the airport in Dallas.. GEEZ i have some dedicated parents let me tell you!!

So after my dad grabbed my mom at the airport we had planned to go meet at dinner but my girls were CRANKY that afternoon and dinner couldn't wait. So we went and grabbed pizza and brought it back to the house.. and I stalled every last minute I could! So while they were eating dinner and watching Netflix on the ipad I had my parents creep in the back door and surprise the girls!
(head on down to number 8 to watch)

So here are most of the surprises caught on tape! We are missing the one where my mom flew and surprised my sister in Portland & last year when my best friend from childhood walked right in my front door and surprised the crap out of me with her husband for New Years (big props on my husband and best friend on this one)!

Surprises seriously never get old, I promise!!

The surprise that started it all, Surprise #1:
Surprise #2 Surprise #3 Surprise #4. Surprise #5 Surprise #6 Surprise # 7
Surprise # 8


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