Thursday, September 29, 2016


Christmas Shopping is right around the corner
and I wanted to share with you about Uncommon Goods!

Basically your one stop shop for all those people in your lives that you aren't quite sure what to buy for! You know when you come across an item and you are like ohh that's so my husband..
or MIL, co worker, uncle,  or so and so...

They have those quirky one of a kind gifts that make gift giving much more meaningful!!

I pulled all my faves to get you started with things I have my eye on!

There are 51 pages of every kind of gift so to browse everything
they have on their site, this is how I liked shopping:
Click here to start!

1. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook/Ipad Stand
2. Productivity Timing Hour Glass
3. Sword Campfire Roasters
4. Tree Solar Charger
5. Outdoor Tic Tac Toe
6. Buck Stacking Game
7. DysFUNction Board Game
8. Personalized Family Yard Sign Post
9. Settle Down Pillow
10. Gem & Mineral Print
11. Tabletop Cornhole
12. Baseball Mug
13. Basketball Mug
14. Mobi Math Game
15. Garden Plate Utensil Set
16. Farm Friends Book Set
17. Family Charades

I especially loved the personalized family yard sign post, it's such a good idea for a grandparent!
I can totally picture this out in my husbands grandmothers garden.
With all of her kids names on it and how many miles away they live! It's such a fun idea!
For more gifts for your grandma's in your life visit this section!

Head to these quick links if you are looking for: Birthday Gifts or Wedding Gifts

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