Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Dinner & Netflix Night!

Last night we had our annual Halloween Dinner & Movie night!
Where we have a Halloween themed dinner and watch a Halloween movie on Netflix!

I usually try to do it the first of October to get us all in the mood for Halloween and it's always a good time to bring out all of our scary decor for the month! I kinda cheated this year and brought out some of the decor before our designated night but it's always fun to see Lexi's face when she gets home from school!! She couldn't wait for the night and she kept getting annoyed when I kept pushing the night back -- but with our schedules this week it was too crazy to do it any sooner!
BUT it did make me feel good (and makes it worth it) that she was looking forward to this little tradition we started a couple years ago! (last year's theme night, and year before that theme night)

We have been on a Hotel Transylvania II kick over in our house and it worked perfect for our Movie Night! Zoey calls it "bla, bla bla" and the phrase "crazy coo coo" has been on a run in our house!

LOVE this family night tradition and love these girls for making these holidays so much more fun!

I brought home our skeleton yesterday from Target and Tyson named him Leonard!
I'm tempted to go buy him a friend.. but maybe I'll wait for next year! ;)

We had soccer practice last night so I had it all set up for Lexi when she got home from school and then we just did the dinner and movie part after we got home from that!

I had bought those cute little haunted houses from Target's dollar section and they were perfect for the girls to color (chalk comes with it) while they waited for dinner to be ready!

We had our traditional chicken tortilla soup with Bat tortillas & I ended up making monster chocolate covered pretzels (saw the idea off of this Facebook video ) for our dessert!

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