Monday, October 3, 2016

our week and busy schedules ahead!

We found the cutest and softest pjs at Costco last week (Carters brand)! But shortly after our trip home both girls had swapped into them! Is that gross? Do you guys make sure to wash everything before your kids wear the clothes? I'm thinking our playroom needs cleaned asap! I usually wait till all the play dates are over for the week before I do clean up and our upcoming week is going to be crazy busy! We have two soccer games on Monday & Tuesday.. plus practice on Thursday.. and a bunch of other stuff going on! It's a good kind of busy so I'll take it! :) Hope you guys have a good week!!


  1. They are the sweetest! And yes, I wash everything before I let my daughter wear it. (However, I don't do this with myself...haha. I'd totally buy something and take the tags off and throw it on.)
    Love all those pastel toys! It atleast makes the mess look pretty. ha.

  2. I can hear my mom saying now to go wash them before putting them on my girls!! haha -- but yes I don't do it for me so in my head i'm like ehh?! it'll be ok!


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