Monday, October 10, 2016

Creepy Halloween Invitation

Say Hello to the most morbid Halloween Save the Date invitation you ever did see!
I finally re-created my favorite Halloween Invitation I first made 5 years ago!

These invites are best for smaller gatherings because the book portion can be quite a lot of work!
So cutting out 10+ books would not have been fun!
But the work sure does pay off when you see how it all comes together!!

I figured I would do another tutorial on how to make these gory invites!
so first things first,

First you want to find books!
You want to grab thicker old books and aim to spend around 50 cents- $1 per book.

Thrift stores now days are charging $2 for a single book.. and I just didn't want to add that into the budget so I kept searching! I visited 4 different stores (2 thrift stores, a book store, and finally landed myself at an antique mall-- and found one of the vendors selling most if not all of their books for 50 cents!)
Buying Books for decor have become popular..
and the thrift stores have definitely caught on and price accordingly!
So finding some for 50 cents a piece was getting tricky!
BUT don't give up! There's somewhere out there for the price you need!!

After you get your books.. you can either keep them the color they are
or you can spray paint the hard cover black..
I didn't spray paint them the last time I made these as invitations
but I decided I wanted them all black this go around!

I used press n seal to wrap the book pages & wash tape to make sure the top book fold was covered.

You are going to use an exacto knife to cut out a rectangle.
This will be the Hot Dog/Finger's resting place.

This part is also that most time consuming part of the project..
The older the book pages are the more fragile you will need to be when cutting out the pages..
the old pages tend to rip easier when cutting multiple pages because the paper is softer & thinner.

I tried to do 15 or so pages at a time and aimed for a 2" deep hole in the book pages.

Get your Finger's Ready..

Cut your hot dog a little shorter (gage it with the length of your own finger)
then cut the nail beds out and add three slices for where the knuckle creases should be.
After your finger's are cut then you can roast them or microwave them.

Last time I made these I did it in the microwave.. this time we roasted them
just like you roast marshmallows for s'mores!

I think these finger hot dogs would be amazing as an appetizer or in their hot dogs to serve the kids!

After you are done roasting them
Tie a knot using twine around the hot dog finger.
(this is where the "don't forget"part comes into play)

Get your hot-glue gun going
1st, glue down the Spanish moss around the inside corners of the cut out
2nd, hot glue the hot dog/finger down in the middle!

After it is hot-glued down you can smear some ketchup on top of the nail bed.
(Just make sure you get the juices out of the ketchup first
before you start squeezing ketchup juice onto everything)

Print out the actual details for the party on a separate piece of paper..
cut it down to just about the size you need and then burn the edges for a more eerie feel!
(I'd recommend doing this at a sink in case things get outta control ;)

Now you're all set!
Let the ketchup DRY as best it can before closing the book!

Then wrap the book with twine & add a label with the guest name & leave it on their doorstep!

I also had an alternative way I packaged and delivered it the first time I made these
if you want to check out another look..

Hope these help inspire you the next time you're planning a Halloween Party!


  1. Hi Lindsey, I love your blog. I noticed you have a poshmark closet, are you going to update it anytime soon?


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