Friday, November 11, 2016

Hey Momma's!

Ya know those moments that just kinda irk you a little?
Like you know when honesty isn't being portrayed correctly and your like wait what??
Seriously that just happened?

Ok this is the kind of experience that I witnessed and I'm about to share with you because to be honest I feel like it would be wrong for me to sit here any longer and not say anything publicly..

For example:
You witness a car wreck, there are two drivers and your were the third party that just saw it all go down.. the one that caused the wreck fled the scene. Wouldn't you as the third party feel obligated to stay at the scene to help shed light on the situation to the cops?

Ok so hopefully that will help you understand while I feel obligated to share this story..
I in by no way want to ever "cyber bully" anyone.
EVER, it's rude and just not healthy.
I only hope to shed light on the truth.
Truth that I witnessed first hand.
It's literally been 2 years since this incident happened that I'm about to share and I am not one for controversy..  which is why I have never wanted to write this post in the first place.
It fired me up when it first went down but then slowly I began to accept I can't change anything, people will say whatever they want to say and so I stopped investing in the situation.
So I have kept quiet about it since that day.

Ok here's the back story.
I am a lifestyle blogger and I work with brands to help advertise their product and in most cases it is in exchange for free product.

So let's rewind all the way back to before little Miss Zoey was born!
(11/10/14 is her birth day)
I had received one of my sisters favorite baby items: a Coveredgoods - my sister raved about this product so it was one of the many brands I reached out to collaborate with.
I love working with small businesses and supporting mom's who are trying to make extra money while working from home.
So coveredgoods is a breastfeeding cover that doubles as a carseat cover.
I used it with Zoey from the day she was born..

Let's fast forward to January 4th, 2015 when I saw a local brand doing a "casting call" for a photoshoot for their products - I had seen their brand before and absolutely loved their branding- they had these cute nursing kimonos that I adored and she also made the wraps like the style of the SollyBabywraps so I sent them an e-mail and I ended up doing a product/model shoot with them.

So on the afternoon of January 5th, I was asked to be a model for her new line of kimonos and baby wraps. I walked in with all of my clothes (because I wasn't sure exactly what they were wanting me to wear) and my baby girl in her car seat with my coveredgoods on the carseat and set things down then had to run back out to the car to get a couple of more clothing items as we were settling into the shoot there were about 5 other models/moms there doing their thing or waiting to be used in the kitchen. Melanie (owner of milk snob) made a comment "oh you both have the same car seat cover" - (there was another mom with her coveredgoods on her carseat there) I then said yes coveredgoods they are awesome or something to that extent because quite frankly that was my favorite baby item at the moment. Then we went on to do the photoshoot and didn't think twice about that conversation...

(ahh I can't believe i'm sharing these gross pictures of myself- these photos have since been deleted by the owner off her social media accounts but I had screen shots of them before they were taken off)

until like a week and a half later I saw her post on facebook that she is launching the EXACT SAME concept "carseat cover" and same exact fabric pattern as my coveredgoods. That black and white stripe.. it looked identical.  She was already using that same black and white stripe fabric for her kimonos and wraps.. but then it dawned on me.. She is totally knocking off coveredgoods and making her own version which was pretty identical to that black and white striped coveredgoods carseat cover I had on that day.

Can you even imagine witnessing it all unfold?
Ok.. so I get that people knock off people all the time.
Good products/ideas get knocked off.. it's just what happens.

BUT here is where I have the problem with it,
MilkSnob claims to be the original..
she literally claims to be the one who invented this genius idea.
{i just did a current image screenshot of her website on 11/11/16}

It literally made me sick to my stomach watching this girl (milksnob) rip away this other girls invention (Coveredgoods) and start claiming that she invented it.. RIGHT AFTER she saw it on my car seat. You can't invent something someone already sells and that you literally just saw someone else using. It just doesn't work that way!

Make the covers I'm fine with that, I can live with that
but PLEASE, please don't make false claims like you invented these things.

I don't even personally know either of these ladies
but my heart just ached for the owner of Coveredgoods.

Recently I heard news that this other brand (Milk Snob) is airing on Shark Tank,
which is why I have decided to share my story and shed light on what I witnessed. 

Because to be honest I can no longer live with the fact that I saw all of this go down and watch the true original inventor reap no reward or credit for the invention she created. She was the first shop to sell these multi-use covers, she is the one that deserves to have the original labeled across her brand.
If you want to check for yourself, all you have to do is simply go check both accounts clear back to their earliest postings. Instagram dates the photos for you and actions speak louder than words.

I was not asked to write this post, all opinions are solely my own.
I know that both brands work really hard for all the success they have had ,
I just want to clarify that simple wording "original"
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not leave hate comments on any of these accounts.
This is not the purpose!!
Just simply support the original and know in your hearts the truth.
I will forever use this as one of the many life lessons I will come across..
Always remember to be honest in your dealings.
Honesty is always the best policy, always! <3
xoxo Lindsey from Pillow Thought

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  1. Thank you for having the courage to share your story!

  2. I wonder if there is a way you can contact Shark Tank. It would be a shame if the original inventor didn't get the credit she deserves...especially if "Milk Snob" ends up with massive success from a product she is claiming is her original.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I had recently seen that Milk Snob was claiming to be the original and I was shocked! Jamie (covered goods) is a friend of mine. It just makes me mad!!!

  4. This is awful. Thank you for telling your story. I just watched the shark tank episode and I was about to purchase. I will be purchasing from Covered Goods now.

  5. I actually saw her on Shark Tank Friday! She got a deal with Laurie and Laurie even mentioned how it is an easily copiable item, so they'd have to work together to diversify their product. I didn't know all this back story! Ugh!

    1. So sad, obviously easy to copy because that's just what Milk Snob did! I hope deep down in her heart she always feels sick because of her blatant copy of what she saw. I get people copy, but the exact fabric, exact over. . . ?!! My heart hurts for Covered goods. I wish the people on Shark Tank knew. I wish all their future customers knew.

  6. it's awful. all we can do is share the truth for her.. I've tagged and tweeted this post to them but I highly doubt they see this.. and contemplating if they even care? I would hope they would care though before promoting a business who got where they are from claiming to be the inventor of something they weren't. breaks my heart!

  7. This was an interesting read because I had both CoveredGoods and MilkSnob covers, but also because I had a very similar thing happen to me a few years ago! I use to be a photographer and I had a website that had an "about me" section and I described why I loved photography with fun, playful wording. Well, this girl who I barely know - a friend of a friend, started a photography website and posted it on FB. I was curious about her portfolio since I didn't know she was into photography so I took a look at her website and her entire website was 95% wording from my page!! And I knew it wasn't coincidental because of some of the playful phrases I used.
    I just can't believe some people completely copy someone else and try to claim it as their own work. It's awful!


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