Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jackson Hole

Last week we headed to Idaho to spend Thanksgiving with Ty's family!
Our Thanksgiving Vacation was from Saturday-Saturday.. but we flew into Salt Lake City because flights were even more ridiculous to fly into Idaho. We hit our first flight paying for 4 tickets!

On another note. we had our first successful flight with Zoey!!
That's rather exciting news because we have had MANY crazy flights with that child!
She did make up for it on the 3 1/2 hour drive leaving Idaho heading back to the SLC to catch our flight home but at least it wasn't on a flight with a million strangers! :)
So even though I was pulling my hair out on that drive home trying to please the kids
I'll call that one a mom win!

We kept super busy seeing family and friends and got very little sleep towards the end of our trip but it was all worth it and I've learned that it was a super smart idea to come back on a Saturday.. we needed today so bad to get us back on some sort of schedule!! Everyone of us slept in until 10:45 this morning! That's pretty unheard of so it just goes to show how off we were all on sleep!

I only got the camera out the day we went to Jackson Hole,
which was the second day of our trip.
Lexi was in complete heaven playing in the snow.. there wasn't too much left and we didn't get any for the rest of our trip but they sure got dumped on shortly after we left!

It was still pretty freezing there and made me realize the girls are not quite ready for Winter clothing wise.. Thankfully it doesn't get too cold around these parts for a while longer!

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