Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Zoey's 2!!

I'm so behind on catching up the blog!
But I figured I would jump to Zoey's 2nd birthday!!

We didn't do a birthday party but my parents came in town and I did a little photo shoot in her room..
which pretty much ended up being a sister dance party.
and melted my heart!

I literally smiled my whole way through uploading all of the pictures from my camera.
There were to many good ones so sorry if this is a post overload!

But Zoey's birthday was on November 10th and it landed on a Saturday!
We had three different sets of visitors the week prior
(it was so nice having all of them - tys grandparents, friends from ID, and my parents)
But it was also Halloween the weekend before and then our family pictures were suppose to be the week following so I feel like our lives have been non stop crazy!

and I of course stress about family picture outfits--
because that was an impossible task!

Anyways back to Zoey's birthday!
I woke up early and got balloons and then I semi-tortured the girls for a little photoshoot.
I actually don't think they minded that.. zoey won't sit still for a picture
but the actions shots made it well worth attempting!

Let's see I will try and catch up stats:
She still doesn't say tons of words yet.. it's starting to kick in more
starting to say small sentences

she does like her bedtime routine.. 
(this is after we do lexi's family bedtime routine)
she makes sure she gets kisses from Tyson and Lex then we head to her room
i sit in the chair, we say (another) pray (where she repeats me), she ask for essential oils, i sing twinkle twinkle BUT I have to start at the UP ABOVE part, then I can go tuck her in..  BUT I have to make sure she has her certain blankies (there ends up being like 5 muslin blankets on her) tuck her in, and ohh don't forget the sippy cup of milk that has to be in there
(which about 50% of the time never even gets a drink out of)

Doesn't mind spicy food, loves oatmeal or anything ty is eating she has to have a bite of.
she calls milk moo

Pulls Tyson's finger (for him to fart) and then immediately will go EW
- ty wanted me to include this one haha I'm not so much a fan of this one

She is very strong-willed, the girl knows how to embarrass her mom out in public ;)

obsessed with her sister, copies her at almost everything.. especially during soccer practice  or when lex has a friend over. (it's actually my favorite to just watch them two- lexi's such a sweet big sis)

she has started to recognize when we are getting close to home or lexis school
and will yell loudly to let everyone know!

She loves baby dolls and puppies and trains (choo choo)

she still likes to dance and sing in the car or in the house
loves outside and the trampoline

she's a pretty good sleeper, i get one nap a day for about 2-3 hoursand we just love her to pieces!

pretty much my favorite picture ^
Lex helped her open presents,
and I'm pretty sure Lexi took over just a little :)

I'm sad we didn't get a pic with Ty or my parents?
Thankful I grabbed a quick one with her while I was thinking about it

Happy 2nd Birthday Zoey Zoe!!


  1. These pictures are soooo sweet!! I'd love to know what her favorite foods are at this age and her favorite toys?!

  2. What brand of play baby did you get her or do they have a favorite?


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