Tuesday, January 31, 2017


You guys!!
The most amazing thing happened last week!!
Our tv provider (Frontier Communication which used to be Verizon Fios)
Now plugs Netflix into our system automatically
-- so we don't have to use any extra roku, playstation, or apple tv necessary!!

You have no idea how excited I was when my husband told me it was popping up on our on demand!!
1. I HATE how many movies we have had to buy
2. I hate the unnecessary cords and extra boxes that showed when we would pull out our roku for the downstairs tv..
3. WE NOW CAN take full advantage of the Netflix movies in our Media Room!

My husband refused to buy an updated box to get more hdmi outlets so we were basically doing without netflix in the media room 95% of the time... which was quite annoying... so I mean we just added a ton more options for movie watching in that space!!

So thank you Frontier Communications for adding that little option!

Ok, so I'll recap what we have been watching over on Netflix!!

My list:

On our last road trip over New Years,
I was able to download movies to the ipad -- so I was able to watch without data!
How cool is that?!?
I did Leap Year & The Spirit of Christmas
I've been catching up on Fuller House!
The Fundamentals of Caring

What the girls have been watching:
Lexi is a little obsessed with the first 2.. so its pretty much on repeat
AFV Videos

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