Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Fuzzies & Treasure Chest method

Hi friends!!
So I've been struggling major in the mom vs kid department this school year!
So over Christmas Break it dawned on me.. why is my child a little angel at school yet tries to defy every decision i make at home?! I mean I love my little Lexi Lu to pieces but boy that girl can challenge me!

Ok, so let's back that up to when I was a child,
I know 100% Lexi is a way better student than I ever was.. (so far at least :) Which has surprised the crap out of me that she has never gotten on a "bad color" (that's one of their classes behavior systems..) Anyways I have realized that, that little child of mine will do whatever it takes to stay on a good color.. because in the end if they get however many green days (thats the best color) she gets to go to the treasure chest. It totally works...  she has never had anything but green and she won't even dare wear the wrong shoes on PE days for fear of having to walk laps or get in trouble haha.

Lexi has always been driven by, dare I say "bribes" (ever since she was little). But Hey, every kid is different and I am getting to the point where I'm ok with good behavior getting a good reward.

When I was little I remember I would get rewarded with a board game if I didn't get all of my cards taken away that week. We had like ten cards for the week and me keeping all ten cards was a SELDOM occurrence! haha so I'm thanking my stars Lexi actually responds to her teachers!

Where we struggle is at home..
we are working on attitudes, being happy with the things we have, and the opportunities we get.
So I decided we needed a TREASURE CHEST!
Just MAYBE this would help catch her attention!!

Good behavior earns rewards..
So we have started our FUZZY jar!
She does something me or Tyson thinks is deserving.. she will get a fuzzy.
Once her fuzzy jar get's filled.. then she can pick something out of the treasure chest!

I found this little trolls treasure chest at Michael's
it was included in their Christmas clearance so it was 80% off!
$3.99 for a treasure chest, I couldn't pass it up!

Michaels was also good to have all of their Shopkins 50% off for me!
She is obsessed with blind bags so I snagged some of them and other fun items! I figured I would aim for items $3 and under.. give or take! Or if she's really dying to have an item at the store.. instead of giving in and buying the item.. I may use that opportunity to put it into the treasure chest and make her wait and earn it!

So the other day after school she got to paint her Fuzzy jar!

I have threatened fuzzies more than a couple of times on her..

I can't decide on what the exact amount of fuzzies make the jar "full"
but I figured this first go around will be trial and error!
Here's to Fuzzies & Treasure Chest!!

UPATE: One week in.. fuzzies are working.. I'm getting a response from the whole system!
There have been more random good deeds without me asking
(not every time gets a fuzzy and she knows that)
but I am definitely glad we are trying this system with her!


  1. awe! I LOVE this idea and totally need to use this for my kids! My mom used to do a system like this when I was growing up, and I thought it was always SO great to get to pick out a "treasure"!


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