Monday, February 6, 2017

100th Day of School

Happy 100th day of 1st Grade Lexi Lu!!

If you know me, I love a good theme!
So when the teacher said the theme was to dress up for their 100th day,
we were all game!!

We had tried on her outfit a couple of times and Lexi was pretty excited for it all..
especially the walker Ty was going to make!

so on sunday I had told her we would practice the makeup part..
we got the makeup down and her exact words were..
"i feel uncomfortable"
she quite possibly looked amazing at this point haha

Anyways after she got her makeup she wanted to try on her outfit..
after taking a couple of picture on my iphone I decided it was best
to take advantage of daylight and time and finish her outfit off  (her hair was all that was left)
and take some pictures on my camera!!

You will have to catch up on the second half of my story half way down this post..

So after us playing around with makeup, and taking funny pics on my phone i decided it would be smart to just finish her all off today (Sunday) and do her hair & take real pics with my camera- well by this time she was over the excitement--
but i pushed forward because i didn't want to try and do any in the morning...
by the time we got to these photos
ty comes in and says

"Lex dad's learned that if you just do it then you can be done" -Ty

"but Dad It never ends.." -Lexi

we were both dying.

i pushed my luck with her today hahah 
she got to be done after that comment :)

If you don't follow along on snapchat here was our trip shopping for the accessories!

Dollar Store for the Accessories
Kid to Kid Consignment for the Dress and Shoes
Ty made PVC walker from items at Lowes and breast cancer awareness tennis balls from Dicks! :)


  1. You might be qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.

  2. Oh man I'm dying! She's totally legit and i loved her comments to Ty! hah! You are the best at this type of stuff!!


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