Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine Goody Baskets for 2 Littles Under $15

So today I headed off to the Dollar Store
to pick up some things for Lexi's 100th day of school on Monday..
(they get to dress up like old folks!)
and I think having a theme is the funnest thing ever!

Anyways, I was literally shocked at all the goods
I scored in the Valentine section so I thought I'd share!!
I had to pick up some things at Party City next door..
so a couple of items are from there but I'll give you a run down on details below!
(how much and where I got the items)

So $15 for two little girls I feel like I did pretty good!

If you're on snapchat (lindseymarlor), you can get a little sneak
of my Dollar Store trip and the 100th day of school ideas!!

ok side note/question: I am over on snapchat doing all my 'stories'
but I have been debating doing the swap over to instagram?!
Where would you follow or like to watch the day to day life happenings?!
I can't decide... am I missing out by not being over on insta-stories??

Party City
Conversation Candy Hearts: .39
Puffy Stickers: .25
Red Lip Whistle: .25
Pink Change Purse: 2.00

x2 = $4.89

Dollar Tree

Pack of 2 Valentine's Bucket with Lids: 1.00
Pack of 2 Light Up Rings: 1.00
Pack of 4 Pop Up Balloon: 1.00
Pack of 4 Heart Sunglasses: 1.00
Pink Paper Shred/Stuffing: 1.00
Lip Talking Pens: 1.00
Heart Skittles: 1.00
Kissy Lip Pops: 1.00

to cover 2: $11

Total Valentine Goody Basket: 14.89

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