Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Make-Up Routine

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Step 1. Foundation & Concealer

Ok, so I start with my conealer first. I have super dark circles above and below my eyes so I use Bye Bye Under eye (top left corner) and I apply it with the bubble blender! I also religiously use this to make my eyeshadow last. It's more sticky/thicker than a foundation so I love that I don't have to use my fingers for this step! I actually have tried using it for my foundation too.. but I would much rather use my hands if I'm using the Naked Foundation (top right) or if I'm using my Confidence in a Compact (bottom left) then I use a brush (bottom right). I honestly LOVE either of these foundations.. they both work great. IT Cosmetics compact is a full coverage & Naked Foundation is more weightless but gives great coverage as well!

You can grab the bubble blender on Amazon here: Whippy Cake Bubble Blender for only $12

Step 2: Eye Shadow

Ok so this image isn't the color I use.. but when you click through to the link it will give you all of the options.. I use Half Baked on my eye lids and then I usually use a smoky chocolate color (Smog) in the outside corners or around the crease. Then I hi-lite right under my eyebrows with Vanilla. I HIGHLY recommend Half Baked, Smog & Vanilla-(Vanilla is not in the naked palette but so worth getting the single-it has lasted me years!!) all in Urban Decay eye shadows!! My all time fave for a good 4 years!

Step 3: Powder, Contour & Blush

I apply any powders I have ever used with this brush.. I just love it!!
After I put on my foundation I always set it by brushing on my powder after (I use the brush below to do this step).. it helps my makeup last longer and I like that it gives my face a more matte look and not so shiny! I have yet to be sold on any one powder-- They all seem to do the job.. I feel like foundation is the crucial part and this is just the icing on top! But below, are ones that I have used and recommend!

And on those days where I'm putting more effort into my makeup I do a simple version of contouring. This palette has been my favorite by far.. Looking at the image below, I use the top left on the palette for the cheek bone area and then I usually mix the two on the right together for hiliting different areas on my face (i did do the hi-liting cheek bones step in video). Not only are the colors perfect shades they literally have a diagram of where you needed to be using them on your face so it makes things EXTREMELY easy!  Then I usually always brush on blush! 

Step 4: Eye Brows

I literally feel naked without shading my eyebrows in. I first started shading them in 5-6 years ago but it's something I have to do before I leave the house! Shading your eyebrows in just helps give them a better shape and I always recommend getting your eyebrows threaded which will also help in giving them a good shape!  I am 98% sure I will never try microblading.. to me it doesn't look any better than shading your eyebrows in.. and I don't mind that shading it in takes me 30 seconds to do every morning. Microblading is not worth the upkeep & pain in my book!

So I have been using this palette forever now, but I do recommend buying another eye shadow brush -- the one that comes with it is not a favorite! I just went to Walgreens and bought a cheap one but it totally does the job a 1,000 times better than the one they give you. I also only use the bottom right one (brunette) and didn't care for the setting wax process

Step 5: Mascara & Eye Liner

But side note: I use Babe Lash to make my lashes longer!
I currently need to buy some more, I have let my lashes get more stubby than I like..


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  1. I love the urban decay foundation! One of my favorites. x


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