Monday, March 6, 2017

Murder Mystery Party

Last month we were able to attend a Murder Mystery Party
in our neighborhood and it was so much fun!!
The theme was set in the 20's and it made for the perfect date night!!

I was a Flapper Girl & Tyson Cop
We were all given characters beforehand and we were told to dress the part..
We were e-mailed our character profiles and when we showed up we were given another sheet (dialogue of sorts) with a list of people and topics we were suppose to address..  we were basically figuring out the backgrounds on all of the other characters. Half way through the party the "shot" went off and someone was murdered.. we were all given a new dialogue (part b) to help us figure out who the murderer was... at the end of the night we all wrote down our vote on who we thought did it and then the murderer was revealed.. only one person guessed the right guy.

It was a night full of appetizers, desserts, and fun conversations!
Can't wait for the next one!

Tyson rented his outfit & I borrowed my dress from a friend (which you can find here)

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