Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10 & 11 Year Anniversary

So last year I totally forgot to post about our 10 year anniversary.. We had such a fun little get away to Mexico courtesy of Tyson's work retreat that just happened to land right around our anniversary! It was such a fun time getting away without the kids... my sweet parents watched them both of these trips... but I will recap on our 10 Year Anniversary trip to Mexico first!
We did lots of snorkeling, zipline, and a spa day!!

Just a little moment to brag on how amazing my husband is, I don't know anyone stronger and more capable of overcoming all the obstacles he has in his life.. but he leaves me a pretty proud wife on a daily basis these days!!
PS this is the CEO of the company he works for & it makes my heart happy
just to know someone else recognizes how talented he is!!

Pretty sure we need another one of these trips pronto!!!

Our 11 Year Anniversary (this year) we stayed local and headed Waco & Austin for a couple of days! We left early Friday morning and made our first stop in Waco to go to Magnolia.. we got there around when it opened and it was the perfect time! Not too crowded and not too busy! I got to shop around in the stores without tons of people so that was nice! After we shopped we happened to have some of our friends/neighbors there with us! We got cupcakes & these watermelon drinks from the food trucks and just enjoyed some relaxation on the lawn.. kidless!! haha We hit up one more store (The Findery) on our way out and I was actually more in love with the stuff they had! We then got on the road and headed to Austin! We had dinner at The Oasis on Lake Travis! It literally is the only reason why I decided on this weekend getaway.. and it was even more gorgeous in person!! Such a fun place to go for our anniversary dinner! Food wasn't anything amazing but that's not why we really went! ;) They also sell lockets you can put on the fence, so we got our own and put our name and anniversary date on it! Hopefully we will take another trip back with the girls! We ended up staying the night Lakeway Resort & Spa and then woke up early the next morning to check out the Hamilton Pools! That's another place we wanted to go back with the girls and do it on a day we could swim there! After that we headed to lunch at a bbq place Ty has been wanting to check out called Salt Lick BBQ another gorgeous scenic place... we have probably had better bbq but it was still worth going to lunch there! We also got there right when it opened at 11 and got seated and got our food right away so that was nice.. once we left there was buses pulling of people and a line had already started! This place gets tons of traffic! It's located by a vineyard and it is seriously so gorgeous out there! After that we got on the road to head back home.. we were suppose to get some crappy weather Saturday evening and we were trying to get back before all the came through. I don't think it ended up being bad at all but ya never know how the Texas storms are going to turn out so better safe than sorry!

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