Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Crab Boil

Last Thursday I threw the second half of Tyson's birthday party when we got back home from our 2 week trip to Idaho.. He spent his birthday on Tuesday in Idaho, and that morning in his last present I had attached a clue which led him through a scavenger hunt.. at the end of the scavenger hunt I cordially invited him to his own surprise birthday party that I had been planning since before we had left. We flew home that next day & I had less than 24 hours to pull off his Crab Boil Birthday Party so I knew there was no time for trying to keep things a surprise on top of all that! Plus I really have no idea how Tyson usually does all the crab & boiling it! This is now our 3rd crab boil party we've thrown & we absolutely love doing them! So we got home Wednesday at 1 in the morning and I woke up bright and early to finish gathering supplies for the party that night! I had been shopping before we left & I shopped online at Amazon & World Market too while we were gone so I had plenty of packages at home waiting for me! AND I could not have done it without our sweet friends who all brought side dishes so all we were left with food wise, was the meat!
I'll attach the menu below if you want to know what all we included in our crab boil!

Crab Legs (we bought 15lb of snow crab which fed about 20 people)
Kielbasa Sausages
Baby Potatoes
-Lemon & Garlic Butter-
Cheddar Biscuits
Hot Dogs & Chips for Kids
Lemonade, Water, & Caprisuns
and CAKE!

My prepping station ;)


Slate Lazy Susan: World Market
Metal 3 Tier Stand : World Market
Metal Pails: World Market
Crab Cracker Claw & Seafood Fork: World Market (in store)
Extra Seafood Forks: Dollar Tree
Gingham Filler Paper for White Plate Boats: Dollar Tree
Wood Mallets: Amazon

This post is in sponsorship of one of my favorite shops, World Market! Be sure to check out some of their amazing summer finds for your next party!

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