Monday, July 17, 2017

Lexi's 7th Birthday Spa Party

Happy 7th Birthday Lulu!

For Lexi's 7th Birthday Party, we decided to go with a SPA theme! She lovesss going to the nail salon with me so I knew it would be something she would love! We decided on the theme in the Spring so I have been slowly gathering items up until now! I asked Lexi to pick her top three activities she wanted to do at the party and she chose: Nails, Facials, & to make Bath Bombs!

We ran out of time for the bath bombs but we sure had fun packing in everything that we did during the party! When the girls got there they all got their robes & headed up stairs to our playroom/spa area! We put on a movie in the Theater Room and then got started on the first batch of girls nails! Luckily I had some friends there to help paint!! The girls were in and out eating and chatting and I'm pretty sure they had a great time! After all the girls nails were done we started on facials! While they had cucumbers on their eyes, we played a little Name memory game where they had to recite the 4 friends sitting next to them (two on the left, two on the right) By the time they were done reciting names, they were all ready for their mask to be wiped off! We then sang to Lex and cut the cake and did presents! At the bottom of the post I included details for where we got items!!






Eye Mask: Amazon
Pink Silk Childrens Robe: Amazon
S Marquee Letter: Amazon
P Marquee Letter: Amazon
A Marquee Letter: Amazon
Bulk Pink Spa Slippers: Amazon
Confetti Balloons: Amazon
Metallic Fringe Decor: Amazon
White Door Fringe: Amazon
Bath Bomb Mold Set: Amazon
Headbands: Elastic from Hobby Lobby
Mint Clay Mask: Ulta
White towels: Target

Mason Jars: Target
Lotions: Ulta
Lip Balms: Five and Under
Mini Tic Tacs: Dollar Tree
Loofah's: Dollar Tree
Fake Nails: Dollar Tree
-- After searching since Spring time I have noticed the Dollar Tree usually gets a new design each month it seemed.. or depending on the store.. so if you find cute ones snag them up because I had seen a ton of different ones float through their and some were pretty hideous! But its a steal of a deal when they carry cute basic ones!

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