Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Book Club for the Littles

There are quite a few of Lexi's friends in our neighborhood and I wanted her reading skills to continue throughout the summer so when a friend of mine mentioned setting up a book club (which was genius) I totally did!

We figured out a book and then set a plan for a book club party at the end of it! It gave the girls something to look forward to and by the end of summer I was able to see how much Lexi grew just by continually reading!!  It kind of forced her to read, what she wouldn't have done otherwise! I'm not a teacher, and I sure don't have the mentality of a teacher but when I saw that her Reading wasn't quite grasping on as strong as it should I knew I had to step in for her and help her a long the way!! To get Lexi to just sit down and read is a battle 90% of the time!! She is constantly looking for a way out of it! BUT looking back on it all I can realize it's because it's scary for her.. she was/is afraid of failing.

By the end I was trying to instill confidence back into her.. She is the youngest in her grade (July birthday).. she had a boy in her class who was literally a year older than her! -- They are getting tested basically at the same level for knowledge. Not that it really matters at this age but you get the idea.. Lexi as a 1st grader just sees ok I don't know everything everyone else does..

There are huge milestones these kids take just by getting older! So the older you get the more things just start to come naturally.

Well school wasn't ever my thing.. I too was the youngest with an August birthday-- which I still wouldn't ever change.. which is why I never thought twice about holding Lexi back but I honestly don't have too high expectations for her or expect her to meet a certain grade standard.. I'm just not into "being the smartest" in the class.. I never cared for school until college when I actually learned about subjects I cared about.. BUT, when the teachers met with me to go over her overall status for the year I realized ok we/she is just going to have to work harder on things.. it will come but it's going to come with a little more effort. AND that's where I have to come in. If we as parents don't follow through for our kids.. than we are ultimately to blame. They are way too little to realize the bigger picture here. So I'm learning what's working for us as we go! I noticed she did not have that confidence going in throughout 1st grade... some kids were on her level and then you had some who were much more advanced. That's ok I know, but I wanted to make sure we were preparing her to learn at home.. if you don't practice you can't really grow.. and I feel like that ultimately sets them up for failing even harder. SO I have tried to make it my goal to practice with her at home!

OK now off my soapbox... I just went through a really big learning mom curve over the last year so I thought I would share! Because back when she was in Kindergarten I was the mom who was like ehh I'm not a teacher.. that stuff stresses me out so I just didn't do anything at home.. I literally just had never thought ohh that's a priority I should be teaching her these things.. 

SO onto our Book Club!! We ended up choosing the Beezus & Ramona series!
It's quite a big book and we quickly realized we wouldn't make it through the entire book series this summer.. so our goal ended up being the first book for the entire summer.. and the week before school started back up we had our little party!

We had a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt, Pizza, Movie night (Ramona & Beezus) outside!

So this book has 183 pages!! That is a lot of reading for a 1st grader!! I had to help her through new and hard words.. but I would say she read half of that book by herself! Our goal would be around 8 pages in one sitting.. and we of course had plenty days off throughout.. But she would read 2 pages and then I would read 2 and we kinda split the load that way! We also would try to make the picture pages land as her pages to lighten her load.. but I would say she probably read close to 90 pages this summer by herself! Which left me with this huge testimony of the quote I shared above!! Towards the end of the book she was barely needing any help and I was shocked at big words that were coming out of her mouth and not to mention she was so proud of herself once she finally finished that book! She is still by no means ahead.. but we are workin on it!

The scavenger hunt turned into a Q&A about the book.. they had to answer the question to get a "book token" for the next clue location.. It was kind of long.. but at the end they got a book worm treat with pizza and a movie (Ramona & Beezus) waiting for them and i'm almost positive they had a blast!

Here's the Guide I made for the clues!

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